Weekend Roundup


Happy weekend! Henry has been gone all week in Southern Utah for a cousins camp my sister in law Sara graciously hosts every year. It’s his first year since it’s only for ages 8 and up and he’s been looking forward to it for MONTHS. Nonstop swimming, adventures in the desert, movies, and diving into The Drawer of Wonders (unlimited candy stash). Excited for him to come home and get a full report.

Up to anything fun this weekend? We are invited to a family event at the Palace hotel so I’m looking forward to a little staycation there overnight. Follow along on snapchat (I’m lizsayyes) for some family activities we’ll be doing like an afternoon tea party, sushi making class, and cannonballs in their amazing looking pool. We’re also prepping for my parents coming into town! They’re staying for ten days to help out while our nanny is spending time with her new baby girl. Have a great one, here are some links to explore:

Great idea for a midnight sweet craving (never thought of that combo before!)

The first new cereal General Mills has released in 15 years! Will you try it?

Facts about Dad printable for Fathers Day. These sheets are always hilarious to read back!

Everyone in San Francisco is wearing these Jesse Kamm high waisted cropped pants

Really cute little modern sailboat DIY from Alice and Lois

A budget friendly linen romper

100 picture books to read with your kids this summer

24 easy gift ideas for Father’s Day

A favorite new clothing line I’m obsessed with called First Rite

Fourth of July DIY straw necklaces from the Say Yes archives (image above)

My new favorite summer bag

Punny food tees for sale from The Butter Half. I love the miso one

Things you never noticed about the book Goodnight Moon (made me laugh!)

Woah. The ultimate Father’s Day cake looks amazing!

Summer sandal crush of the week: one and two

Why you’ll marry the wrong person, and why it’s okay

Two summer sun dresses I’m loving: the blue and the white 

A dad opens up about their struggle with infertility

5 important gun control petitions to consider signing

And lastly, 21 celebrities that are rocking at being dads (Happy Father’s Day!)








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