Weekend Roundup


We’re in celebration mode because yesterday was Henry’s last day of school! Our old school had an extended year and summer was only a month long, but this new school has a full summer break. Hip hip hooray! Henry said he wanted to run all the way home yesterday so he wouldn’t miss a minute of summer (how cute is that?). He’s headed out with Jared this weekend to a cousins week in Utah which he is beyond excited for. What better way to start summer than tons of cousins, sugar, and a huge swimming pool? Also, my sister Celeste is coming into town for a quick weekend trip! We’re going to hit up West Coast Craft fair, having a bbq with some friends, and maybe see the new SF MOMA. Have a great one, here are some links to explore:

This video on how to get toddlers dressed made me laugh. Oh so true!

This one pot pasta looks so good

I wear this jumpsuit at least twice a week (nursing friendly!)

Have you tried the new Starbucks pink drink everyone’s been talking about?

These Father’s Day cards will make you laugh (I love the swimmers one)

Almond rhubarb picnic bars. Yum!

I need this sunscreen application invention

A romper for poolside

This chambray shirt is incredible soft and great for nursing

Word on the block is that this is the best self tanner

DIY citronella candles for outdoor parties

Do boys and girls play differently and should toys reflect that?

This sweater looks so comfy

Lastly, it doesn’t get much sweeter than dads sleeping with babies


(image of Edie above in the disco ball magic hour a couple nights ago in our living room)


What size do you wear the jumpsuit in? Always struggling with hatch sizing.

Your new house looks beautiful…will you let us in? HAPPY SUMMER to all! Love that your boy gets a full complement of summertime fun!

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