Weekend Roundup

10 minute donuts

Up to anything fun this weekend? We are taking our first family trip as a family of 5 down the coast to Santa Cruz this weekend (and holding our breath it goes well!) with a group of other families. I’m looking forward to the boardwalk, the beach, taking Edie on the ferris wheel, and eating corndogs with Henry. The weather should be lovely: summer is here, people! Have a great one, here are some links to explore:

10 minute delicious homemade donuts we made last year in celebration of National Donut Day (my image above). Think how many you can make in 60 minutes! Speaking of… the best donut toppings  and 25 of the best homemade donut recipes

For all you Serial Season 1 fans out there: woo hoo!

The prettiest water bottle on the block

Swimsuit crush of the week

A new braid to try this summer

Three easy summer sandals: one, two, three

Before hitting the pool: 10 facts about sunscreen you should know about (yikes)

ALL the copped pants please from Millie!

Such a great beauty routine

Sunglasses crush of the week

The cuttest baby hat

All the best watermelon drinks

Wish this jumper for Edie came in my size!

This oatmeal looks amazing (never thought I’d say that!)

A sweet post about traveling to Paris with a toddler


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