Weekend Roundup


Happy weekend! We’ve been shooting some video footage all morning for an ad campaign coming up and I’m excited to share it with you soon! Above is a behind the scenes shot Ashley took. Besides this fun shoot, I’ve got Alameda flea market (finally- it rained out last month!) and some major baby prep on my agenda this weekend. We just found out a couple days ago that they’ll need to induce me 2 weeks early…a week from Monday! More on that all coming up in a post later this week. But first, here are some links to explore. Have a great one!

The dress I’m wearing above is a great find from Amazon. It’s super comfy and only $37. Jared thinks it’s super hot too.

The details in this bridal shower are beautiful (and amazing DIY flowers)

Some great healthy breakfast ideas (seems I’m always in a breakfast rut!)

A personal style interview with Jenna Lyons, and her favorite shopping spots in SOHO

One home’s result of taking a month off social media

Aren’t these little kimono sleepers cute?

Pretty copper flatware I’m swooning over

Roasted carrots never looked so good

Interesting article about baby technology being sold on fear over practicality

For your non-traditional nursery inspiration (that vintage crib!)

Do you follow these style rules?

Love this chunky camel cardigan (only $26!)

The best bakeries in SF (according to instagram)

Love this Kate Spade shower curtain (and the styling!)

10 mug cakes I need to try (YUM!)

The softest baby blanket

Amazing collection of vintage Moroccan textiles I’m dying over

And finally, a great list of podcasts you should listen to  (bookmarking for those long hours nursing!)


The amazon dress looks great on you. Do you think it would work as well when you’re not pregnant?

Do you mind sharing what size dress this is for being in third trimester of your pregnancy? I am pregnant and have a fancy shmancy fundraiser dinner for daughters school next weekend. This dress is in my budget and think it could work… Just not sure size.

OH MY GAWD! I had my daughter in 2010. Since stepping my first foot in Babies R Us, I have noted that the marketing departments of baby items must make a TON of money because they scare the crap out of parents, making them think that something will go wrong if they don’t by every tom dick and harry item!!! Let me tell you that was NOT a popular opinion on the parenting boards.

This makes me feel an odd sense of validation.

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