Sleepover Party


I’m excited to share with you this fun sleepover party video we made. Check it out below! I talk about the adjustment this move has been and some fun shots of how we prep before and after the sleepover. Plus a whole bunch of pillow fights fueled by copious amounts of popcorn + sugar.

We did some sanitizing cleanup before and after with Lysol Max Cover for Soft Surfaces. Before, since our blankets and pillows have been stuck in boxes for a few weeks, and after because although a sleepover brings a lot of fun to the house, it can also bring a lot of bacteria! Its wide nozzle helps in quickly covering your big soft surfaces, killing 99.9% of bacteria (when used as directed) and leaving behind a nice fresh scent.


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okay this is too cute! and love the shots of your home. more home photos please!

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