Weekend Roundup


Up to anything fun or romantic this long weekend? Jared is off backcountry skiing in the Sierras until Monday night so we’re making Valentine cookies and laying low, oh and getting started packing! On Sunday we’re having a few friends and kids over for fondue, both cheese and chocolate. Feels like the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’m already salivating thinking about it.  Have a great one, we’ll be taking Monday off but here are some links to explore in the meantime:

The cutest Valentine’s Day party in a box (image above)

This collection of tweets about marriage made me laugh out loud

Building an instagram following, by 10 big fashion insiders

Love this 70s suede jacket from Asos

Move over, fiddle leaf trees. The new, cool indoor plants on the block

Pretty DIY iron-on gold foil Valentine’s Day shirt

Kids reviewing the new realistic barbies

Just made these Valentine sugar cookies today, so good!

Gorgeous pendant lamps, and a great price!

Curious to try this homemade ramen

Just ordered this play kitchen for Edie  (she’s obsessed with play cooking!)

The cutest little DIY potted succulent magnets!

And I thought it was hard getting Edie and Henry ready for bed!

Lastly, an entertaining Valentine’s Day quiz


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