8 Surprising Tips for Winter Hair and Skin


Here in San Francisco, the climate stays about the same year round but I notice my skin and hair suffers a ton when I travel to cooler climates. When we traveled to Utah for Christmas the temperatures were freezing. My hair was way more brittle and I was lathering on tons of lotion every day. Do you have the same problem in the cold? My team did a little research and we found some surprising tips to keep your hair and skin looking its best.

As part of our research, Sarah and I tried the Moroccanoil products who we’re partnering with for this post. And guys, we were both floored by them (and they aren’t paying me to say that!). My thin, damaged hair is feeling soft and healthy again with just a tiny bit of Moroccanoil Treatment Light worked into my wet hair before being blow dried.  I feel like I’ve tried to achieve that with every other product on this planet with much less success (and spent way more money- the travel size is just $15). I was really shocked at how well it worked, for real! Here’s more about it and some other surprising winter hair and skin tips we found…


They sent us the Moroccanoil Treatment Light, Pure Argan Oil for skin, and the Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner. The first thing I tried was Moroccanoil Treatment for my hair. They sent me the light, specifically for light colored/fine hair but I still had a huge hesitation with the fact that it’s oil.  My hair is SUPER thin and gets dirty very quickly. I was nervous that putting oil in the hair would just make it greasy and weigh it down. So, I put a tiny dab just on the ends of my hair, where it’s most damaged. I then blow dried it like normal. Normally, my ends feel brittle and dry but they were super soft! I walked around the house and made everyone touch my hair like a huge dork. What I love most is that it feels totally natural.  Not product-y, like when you walk out of a salon. It just feels like my hair is healthy and soft again! I’m so sold on this stuff, for real guys!


And, the best part- The Moroccanoil Treatment is only $15, way less than a lot of other products I’ve tried to soften my poor overworked hair. Bonus: it smells amazing! Sarah mentioned it reminded her of a nice perfume her sister in law was wearing she’s been meaning to get the name of (maybe her sister in law is using Moroccanoil instead of perfume!).

So I did a little research about what this special Argan Oil is. You can find out a lot about it on their website. It comes from argan trees grown in Morocco and is rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. Apparently it’s a secret of many women who live through the Mediterranean area.


They also sent Pure Argan Oil for your skin that you can use in your hair as well. I rubbed a bit onto my hands and then I rubbed any residue directly onto my dry hair for a little mid-day touch up for softness. So silky and clean feeling! I’m seriously tempted to throw out every other hair product I own (again, not paying me to say this!).

They also sent the Moroccanoil Hydratring Shampoo and Conditioner. I just started using the shampoo and conditioner this past week and am loving it as well! Again, my hair feels way healthier afterwards. Especially when I use it in combination with the Moroccanoil Treatment I’m already obsessed with.


And here are a few more surprising tips we found doing some research for healthy winter hair and skin:

1. Use fabric softener sheets for staticky hair. My mom taught me this tip when we were visiting over Christmas break and I love it: For winter staticky hair, use the same remedy you would on your laundry: a fabric-softening dryer sheet like Bounce. Rub it lightly on your hair and it will remove the static instantly.

2.  Never brush through wet hair! When hair is wet, the strands are weakened and extra-prone to breaking while damp (did you know this??). Instead, use a wide-toothed comb, starting from your tips and working your way up to your roots. (source)


3. Lotion up when skin is damp. You have a three-minute window for best results. Wait any longer and moisture starts to disappear from skin before you can lock it in. So interesting! (source)

4. Braid hair to protect it. If you’re out on the slopes or doing anything active outside, braid your hair and tuck it into a neck warmer or under a hat. This hairstyle prevents the wind, sun and snow from damaging your hair while you do your thing. (source)

5. Warm, not hot showers. Not taking hot showers can do wonders for your dry skin. Taking hot showers can actually irritate dry or sensitive skin. Instead take a warm bath or shower and wash with a gentle cleansing bar. This should help combat eczema or dry itchy skin. (source)




6. Eat more Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for preventing skin from drying out and staving off signs of aging. The best sources of vitamin A include eggs, dark leafy greens  — such as spinach or kale — milk, carrots and pumpkin. (source)

7. Swap your cotton pillowcase for satin or silk. Believe it or not, their slippery finishes don’t grab, bend or break your hair as you toss around in your sleep — as cotton and other fabrics tend to do. Additionally, they don’t suck moisture out of your hair. (source)

8. And of course, using the super hydrating, argan oil infused Moroccanoil products.  Do you use them? Have you had the same great results I’ve had? I’d love to hear what you think!


Thanks to Moroccanoil for sponsoring this post and making such amazing products. Photography by Liz Stanley. Modeling by Sarah Iveson


I’ve heard so many amazing things about this product, and according to your instagram, lots of others have too! will have to try it. just ordered a travel size treatment 🙂

I’d love to know what products your model (Sarah?) used on her curly hair. I have curly hair similar to hers and find it impossible!

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