How do you Consume News?

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With so much going on right now around the world, I feel like I’m spending more time than usual keeping up with the news. We don’t have tv and we don’t have newspapers, so keeping up with news mostly happens on our phones and laptops. At a dinner with friends a couple weeks back we starting going around the table discussing how we each read news and it was fascinating that we all consumed news so differently. Some read magazines, some stuck to online platforms, some subscribed to news-related email subscriptions or listened to the radio. Here’s how Jared and I normally keep on top of what’s going on in the world, with a few ideas from my team as well. I’d love to hear how you read the news as well!

twitter moments

Jared and I both are big on social media news consumption. For myself, I follow most news publications on Twitter and Facebook. Jared follows world news as well on Reddit. He’s a huge news consumer. I go through spurts but he is constantly on top of what’s going on and checks first thing in the morning. It’s a great habit to make I think!

twitter moments

When Twitter reached out about their new Twitter Moments to try out, Jared was already completely familiar with it and was a big fan.  I now check it practically every day. Twitter is normally how I consume news so Twitter Moments was a really natural jump for me. It’s a separate feature and tab on your Twitter page (make sure your device is updated to the newest Twitter version of the app to see it) that aggregates the most popular stories for you to digest easily from your phone or computer in a pretty collection. And not just news too: trends, memes, sports, and pop culture.

twitter moments

Just like Twitter, everything is done very concisely and it’s very visual. Usually there’s one main Tweet and image that’s featured, and then you can scroll through more images and a small number of select Tweets on the specific topic. For example, here we were checking in on a collection of Moments about the terrorist threat in Belgium. There were several images people took of the military presence there and some Tweets with news links and updates. Each collection has a specific URL too so you can share it across platforms, like the Paris climate talks collection here.  I love how visual it is and how easy it is to digest. Those 140 characters are, as usual, a huge draw to me.

Here are some thoughts from my team on how they consume news, would love to hear your thoughts as well!

“I mostly use an NPR app on my phone. It’s the first thing I look at on my phone in the morning. I find my more local news on Twitter and I follow news publications on there too. I also read TIME magazine but have a hard time keeping up sometimes. I’m two weeks behind right now! It’s hard to watch tv with kids around. I have friends that record the national nightly news and watch it after the kids are in bed!” –Sara A

“I stay up to date through social media and discussing events with my husband Alden. Alden likes to get his news through news sites, and flipboard. He faithfully reads his email subscriptions everyday!” – Ashley

“I listen to the radio a lot because I spent a lot of time in the car driving during commute hours. I also read the New Yorker but it’s also hard to keep up as well! The only social media I’m really on is Instagram which is hard to follow news on but for current events, it’s really the radio mostly for me. My husband is on the BBC website every morning to keep up with news”- Sarah I

How do you consume news?

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Agreed on the posts and I thought this even before the holidays, starting in the fall. Your blog came so highly recommended by many friends and other bloggers so I hopped on but noticed all the sponsored posts. Blogging is about sharing your life not manufacturing these evens to share for payment. Given everything else you seem to be about on the blog I find it very hard to believe you actually go by CVS regularly for snacks for your family unless there happens to be one right next to your son’s school. In which case that makes sense, I’m you would love it. But you supporting Ford or seems random, I’ve never heard you mention that you happen to love SUVs separate from this. I started just skipping the sponsored posts when it bothered me but there were a few times where I was skipping a couple a week, that seems like a lot of original content to be missing out on writing for you and reading for your followers. We like you and want know you, not what the sponsors want you to mention.

i subscribe to an email newsletter called The Skimm. It’s a funny, clever email that gives the lowdown on the current events that happened each day and sometimes a little background on them so I know what I’m talking about when I discuss the situation with someone. It’s awesome!

I hate to be like this, but the sponsored posts are getting to be too much. I know that’s how blogs make income, but it seems like more are sponsored than not.

It’s always a little more intense during the holidays, but this is how we keep things up and running for the rest of the year!

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