Getting a Good Night’s Sleep


Do you feel like you get enough sleep? During this time of year with so much going on it seems like sleep sometimes takes a back seat to family events, work deadlines, and travel plans. When sleep slips on my list of priorities, things really start falling apart! I’m sure you know how it is. What’s even more frustrating is getting to bed at a decent hour and then not being able to fall asleep or having wakefulness in the middle of the night. That really drives me crazy.

So our team did a little research and came up with 6 interesting tips for getting a better night’s sleep, beyond just having more of it…

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1. Create a relaxing bedtime ritual. Maybe play some soothing music or have a cup of decaffeinated tea to wind down. Some more tips on creating a relaxing pre-bed atmosphere right here.

2. Limit your day time naps. Or keep them to under 30 minutes according this Mayo Clinic article.


3. Avoid electronics right before bed. There’s an interesting study by the National Sleep Foundation about the effect of those lit screens, stimulating our brains instead of preparing them to wind down. Instead of checking instagram or facebook, maybe catch up on a book you’ve been meaning to finish?

4. Opt for a lighter read before bed. Avoid those suspenseful page turners that will keep you up longer. Maybe grab a magazine you got in the mail that day or a self help/parenting book.


5. Try taking vitamin sleep aid like Olly Restful Sleep.  This grape gummy vitamin has a small dosage of melatonin, l-thenanine, and botanicals. Formulated to gently help you fall asleep easier and stay asleep. I take two every night and it helps me from waking up at 3am which happens to me a lot. Plus, the blackberry flavored gummies are really yummy; it feels like a little pre-bed treat.


6. Set your body clock. Getting up and going to bed at roughly the same time will train your body to get on a good rhythm. If you’re having trouble getting up in the morning, try sitting in bright light for 5 to 30 minutes when you first get up or look into getting a sun therapy lamp if you don’t live in a sunny area.

I think my biggest problem is screens before bed, it’s always the last thing I do before my head hits the pillow. What about you? Any tips for getting better sleep?

This post is sponsored by Olly Vitamins. Photography by Liz Stanley. Modeling by Sarah Iveson


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