20’s Inspired Hair for Halloween

By beauty contributors Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant
Whether its a classic 20’s costume or a Great Gatsby party you’re attending, these finger-waves are sure to be a hit! We aren’t going to pretend this technique is easy, so if you need an extra hand, call a friend over to help you! The key here is to work quick, fast and concentrate on the top front sections! The rest can be curled and messy if desired! Any gel will work but we used Bumble and Bumble Gel. Just make sure you use a generous amount with a tight tooth comb.
Keep reading for directions…
And in case you need more of a 50’s inspired do, check out this tutorial!

Prepping the Hair:
-Start by curling the back.
-When you get to the front, section off from ear to top of head forward on both sides.
-This section will be generously wetted and gelled. Wet comb and comb water through hair, this will help keep it clean. Apply a generous amount of gel on the wet top section and comb it thoroughly through the hair with the comb.
Now to the finger-waves:
-With your comb start combing straight back (this is to achieve the finger-waves with a bang starting back first)
-Press your finger on the combed section firmly.  Place the comb next to the finger so that the hair underneath stays in its backward-combed position. This is a tad tricky.
-Now start combing in the opposite direction, straight forward.
-Mold the hair with your fingers as you comb, while also keeping a firm hold on the “s” you’ve created.
-Continue to comb in the opposite direction applying pressure with your finger to hold it in place.
-We stopped right above the ear and curled the left over dry hair. Leave this for now while your hair is drying. To speed up time, blow dry on low heat.
-If desired, repeat steps on the other side of head.
-Start backcombing the dry previously curled sections to create a messy voluminous curl.
-Gather the leftover finger-wave hair and curl it in your finger creating a little roll. Pin this to the hair.
Our model had a bit longer hair so we tucked the ends a bit to create a faux messy bob.


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