Day In the Life of Say Yes


I thought it would be fun to show you a behind the scenes of a typical day here at Say Yes with Sara and Ashley on my team. We worked on three couple shoots, brainstormed for Halloween ideas and got some take out for lunch on the way back from a meeting downtown. Would you like to see some photos of our day?


This post is sponsored by Gold Peak Brewed Iced Tea available at participating restaurants.


First some introductions! Ashley above is my blog manager, fashion editor, photographer, content creator, coordinator extraordinaire…the list goes on. I don’t know what I’d do without her! She does everything from brainstorm to manage contributors, to produce content on a regular basis. She comes in once a week but mostly works from home in the east bay.


Sarah and I have been good friends for a while and I convinced her last year to start working for me when her kids started school. She’s such a good sport when I have some insane project idea and always has such a fun and positive attitude. She helps out in everything from cooking, running errands for supplies, styling, hand modeling, etc. She comes in three days a week and is my right-hand woman for shoots.


After checking in on what needed to happen and when today, we do a little bit of brainstorming for Halloween projects coming up which are my FAVORITE things to work on here at Say Yes. I’m so excited about it!


Then we starting finishing up on a project we had begun last week but ended up getting shelved when things got too busy. It’s a crayon project- aren’t those little piles above pretty? Sarah here is helping me set up the piles for a picture (above).



I had a meeting up in Marin with a brand I’m working with so on the way home I swung by California Pizza Kitchen to grab some quick takeout for lunch. It was always one of those guilty pleasures we remembered from growing up. We ordered a couple different kinds of pizzas and salads and their signature Gold Peak brewed iced teas that you can customize with flavor, sweetness, and other additions like mint and lemon. We ordered mango and strawberry flavors.


Yum! Let’s eat.



In the afternoon, we finished things off with an instant film project that you’ll see tomorrow.  We decided that we needed to be holding up a sign or something in the photos so we made one quick with some cardboard and black contact paper you can write on with a chalkboard pen.


It took us a few tries to get the exposure right on that camera (I haven’t used it in several years!) but I think they turned out nice. Stayed tuned tomorrow to see what project we make with them!
Sarah had to leave to pick up her kids from school, but Ashley and I had one more project to do: taking photos of Edie and I reading for a post next week about tips for reading with a squirmy toddler. Here are a couple outtakes:


1. Probably the most flattering picture of me ever taken


2. Fruit snack bribes in action.

Thanks for following along on our day!


What a fun sneak peak into your day….I recently came across your site while researching bay area women bloggers. I am in the process of developing a local lifestyle blog for women and moms over here in Oakland and I have found a ton of inspiration through your site. Thank you for all that you do!

Love everything about this!
It’s always so inspiring to get a sneak peek into the days of such creative people 🙂

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