Bathroom Cupboard Organization Tips


I’m excited to announce a partnership with Cottonelle this year! I’m teaming up with them to talk about home storage and efficiency ideas, which is totally up my ally because we don’t have a much storage in our San Francisco flat. I’m always on the lookout for learning and sharing ideas on making all kinds of living spaces work.

Keep reading for more about the partnership, our first video, and a behind the scenes look into the video shoots…


The partnership with Cottonelle is surrounding their brand new Cottonelle Mega Roll that includes four rolls in one †. I’ll be sharing some ideas in line with that time and space saving product throughout the rest of the year. Today I’m sharing we filmed with Cottonelle spokesperson, Cherry Healey (who flew from London!), where I share with her some tips about bathroom storage:

comparing number of sheets to leading Ultra 82-ct. roll

We actually shot three videos in that day, I’ll be sharing the other two soon. All three are about efficiency and storage ideas. The whole shoot was a ton of fun but a really different kind of experience for me. It was the most highly produced shoot I’ve ever been involved in! There were wardrobe stylists with racks and racks of clothes (instagram shot of them setting up!), makeup/hair artists with boxes of every kind of amazing hair product and lipstick colors, dozens of camera men, lighting, sound engineers. Caterers, assistants, even a seamstress on hand just in case we needed wardrobe alterations (and we actually did, so thank goodness!).

I totally felt outside of my comfort zone and was kind of terrified at first to look straight into the camera and attempt to talk normal (not really sure I pulled it off but I gave it my best!).  Luckly Cherry Healey, the Cottonelle spokesperson with whom I shot the first video, is pretty hilarious and everyone was overly accommodating and made it a lot of fun. I was having a hard time keep a straight face half of the time.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots I and my assistant Sara took of the day:


Setting up: Edie eating breakfast with strangers wandering in and out of our kitchen.


I gave the production crew the square footage of the space but I don’t think they fully understood what the size meant. It was cramped to say the least but they were amazing and made it work!



The makeup artist did some magic! She put some fancy fake lashes on me which at first made be little nervous. Have you ever worn them before? I was compulsively blinking at first but then I got used to them. Also, scored that cute dress above from Zara and the yellow necklaces from Urban Outfitters.


Filming some family action shots in the community garden next door.

Thank you Cottonelle for sponsoring this post. Check out Cottonelle on their facebook page and some more efficiency and storage posts here in the upcoming months


And I forgot to say, I love it anytime we get a “behind the scene” look.

Love the look of the cupboard. And good job with the little video. It’s fun to hear your voice and see you in action.

What a fun shoot! You look beautiful as always. Cottonelle is the BEST toilet paper. I like that the rolls are huge (fewer trips to the store) and because the sheets are thicker, we use less at a time. That also makes it cheaper. Thanks for sharing!

I love the way the cupboard turned out. Where did you get those cool jars and metal baskets?

Thanks Wendy, the jars and metal baskets I got at some vintage stores up north of here in Marin. They were a great find and are still in my bathroom cupboard 🙂

This is fun! Excited to see what ideas you have, I like the packaging idea

I am all for bloggers making money off of sponsored posts but wish the say yes team would be more selective. Between the car, toilet paper and many other products the blog looks more and more like an ad space to me, especially because it doesn’t seem like they are products that the team really feels passionate about (unlike the ergo, nature snack etc. which I can tell Liz uses both by choice and by sponsorship.) I just wanted to voice an annoyance because I really like the personal posts Liz does!

Hi C, just like other brands featured here, Cottonelle is a household product I use everyday. Thanks for supporting the partnerships that make this blog run!

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