The 5 hair products you only really ever need

By beauty contributors Joanna and Molly of Irrelephant

hair products you need

Hair products can be very expensive, and most of us end up only using them a few times a month. We’re the kind of girls who like to keep it simple and practical. We’re all about keeping it budget friendly, but we also love products that truly work and are a big bang for your buck. So we simplified the product junk drawer and left you with The 5 products you only really need!

  1. PRIMER: No matter what, we’ll always need a heat protector. Even if you don’t use heat on your hair. You still need to protect it from sun damage and just everyday environmental happenings. We also need a detangler or leave in conditioner. Even when you chose not to style your hair, just air dry, it will still be protected.  This sounds like 3 products, but we have found one that is all an all in one! We recommend Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer.

  1. TEXTURIZING SPRAY: So, say you did blow dry and now your hair is limp. You could put one million products in it to attempt to get it voluminous again. However, if you’re on a budget that might not be an option. Try spraying a texturizing spray on your roots and ends! A spray like this after you’ve styled can help break up curls or give straight hair some life! Spraying on roots can give a bit of volume and lived in hair. It also gives you a sort of a second day hair look. We recommend Oribe Texurizing Spray or Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion. Surf Infusion is for finer hair types that tend to tangle easily. It has oil mixed in with the salt derivatives making for a fresh day at the beach look!

  1. OIL: Summer and Winter have one thing in common: You need an Oil. In the summer your hair will need help from the crazy humidity or if you live in the desert, UV protection! In the winter, you probably need help with static and dryness. Oil can seem so heavy, right? Fear not! We have found the best oil for all hair types! We love how light and airy it is. We recommend Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Oil!

  1. DRY SHAMPOO: Washing your hair everyday is actually not recommended. By doing this, you strip all the natural oils out of your hair. Causing it, in turn, to tell your glands to produce more oil. This makes your hair feel oily and creating the need to wash it everyday. We love a good dry shampoo and believe every girl should have this staple in her beauty drawer! There are so many options out there but we love and recommend Batiste and Bumble and Bumble Preta Powder .

  1. HAIRSPRAY: The mother of all products: Hairspray! So many of them right? It’s a good thing we work with it every single day of our lives and have tried many! But for a day to day hair spray that works well and you can trust it’s hold, we swear by Bumble and Bumble Spray De Mode. Our drugstore recommendation is Loreal Elnett Hairspray!

BONUS: The #1 thing we can’t live without, is bobby pins. For one, they are loyal, you can’t get rid of them! You can find them everywhere. In your bathroom, your car, your purse and even behind the couch. They will never leave you and you can always find them. They are the best support, when you find the right ones. They hold you together and are most likely with you during the biggest moments of your life. But a bad bobby pin can ruin your day. Here are the ones we’ve found are the best buddies to stick with: Marianna Supreme Bobby Pins and Sally’s Salon Care Bobby Pins. By the pound is best!

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My hair can get pretty oily, so I need that dry shampoo. But I’m not sure those brands are available here, so I might look for other good brands. But thanks for this! 😀

My essentials: Revitafoam, scrunchies, bobby pins and a scalp care serum as I tend to have a dry and itchy scalp. My hair has a lot of natural texture so luckily I don’t need any of those other things.


What scalp care system do you use? My husband has had an itchy scalp for ages and we’ve been trying to find something to help treat it.

This may not be the issue at all, but I wanted to mention that a really common skin condition that causes “dry, itchy scalp” is seborrheic dermatitis (called cradle cap in kids). A lot of people have it but don’t realize and actually end up making it worse by washing their hair less or adding oil/conditioners/serums in an attempt to moisturize. The symptoms can range from just plain old dandruff to scaly patches and is caused by overproduction/irritation of sebum (the oil your skin produces). I just wanted to let you know in case that sounds familiar to you, Ashley, or anyone reading this!

seems strange that only bumble and bumble products are recommended…

Molly and Joanna are trained in Bumble and Bumble products, which is why they recommend them so highly. They recommended a few other products as well including, Oribe, Batiste, and Loreal.

You would tell us if this post was sponsored or at all influenced by Bumble and Bumble, yes? It looks a bit odd that all B&B products are recommended, and I know several other brands with excellent products as well…

What they didn’t mention is that they are trained in Bumble and Bumble products, which is why they recommend them so highly. If a post is sponsored it will always be noted that it is sponsored. Do you have any certain products you love that you recommend?

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