Tuesday Tip: Ever Try a Juice Cleanse?


A couple weeks ago I tried a juice cleanse for the first time. Two friends of mine at our elementary school have a company called Reset Meals so I thought it was a good excuse to try it. It was a crazy week though that I picked. It’s normally a 5 day cleanse but since I had two full days of filming scheduled that week I decided just to do it for 2 days. But that’s not how things ended up working out. Here’s how it went…


I loooved it. By the second day I was feeling awesome. I had a ton more energy and felt super pumped about the busy week ahead. I felt so good in fact that I emailed my friends that night and asked to continue the cleanse for the full 5 days. They dropped off more juice + food the next morning (their cleanse is 4 juices and one healthy, plant based meal).

In all honesty, there was some cheating that happened at a dinner party Wednesday night and Friday at a big photoshoot we had in our home. All in all it was awesome and it made me stop and think about what changes I should make to my diet to always have that kind of energy level. I’ve started doing a little experimenting on elimination with just caffeine + artifical sweeteners so far. But after Japan I’m going to also try eliminating meat, dairy, and sugar. Something is dragging me down here.

Have you done a cleanse before? What did you think? Have you experimenting with eliminating things from your diet to see how it made you feel? I think I might do this juice cleanse thing once every other month or so. It really was amazing to me!


I’m in the midst of a Whole30 right now. I highly recommend it as a way to reset your relationship with food and inject mindfulness into your eating.

well, sugar is a hard drug for me for sure. I’ve tried over the years to get rid of it, but I can’t, it’s harder than quitting smoking. As for meat, I didn’t use to eat a lot ot it, and as a result, I’ve been anemic for 4 years now. I can’t process iron tablets well at all, so I’ve been eating more and more meat to compensate. I wish I could go on a cleanse, but I really need proteins! I eat a little cheese in the morning and that’s it for dairy. Yeah, come to think of it, I really should try to cut down(if not eliminate) on sugar, that’s what I’m going to do! Thanks!!!

I did the whole 30 eating plan. It’s a 30 day elimination diet and I LOVED it. You don’t count calories or carbs or anything, you just eat as much WHOLE foods as you need for 30 days while eliminating all sugar, dairy, grains, legumes. I’d recommend the book, It Starts with Food, even if you don’t decide to do the eating plan, it has GREAT information about how your body deals with things like sugar and dairy.. etc. I felt AMAZING when on the plan, even though it was hard at first. I’ve decided to continue with a mostly paleo type eating plan from now on, and I don’t even miss things like bread or cheese or mile, which I thought I would. I’m currently deployed with no real options for food other than what they serve us and I’ve been feeling so terrible, I was totally thinking about a juice cleanse when I got home just to reset myself.

I’ve never done a cleanse- I’m not sure I think they’re healthy- but I’ve definitely considered eliminating sugar and dairy and most meat (I just can’t kick chicken!) from my diet. Now I just need a plan and a time period in which I can work on creating new habits. I’m excited to read about your diet transformation!


I am intrigued, but I can’t say that I will ever do a juice cleanse. I’d rather aim for balance throughout–I feel like it would make me too cranky! I do love juice, and am glad it was a good experience for you, but I’ll keep it at that.

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