20 Classic Toys for the Easter Basket

By fashion editor Ashley

easter basket gifts

This is my first year of doing an Easter basket as a mom. As I’ve been thinking about what to get my daughter, I’ve been drawn to simple classic toys, like bubbles or sidewalk chalk! I love the idea of my daughter enjoying the same toys and activities that I grew up with. What do you like to put in your children’s Easter baskets?

1. classic bonnet 2. stuffed bunny 3. etch a sketch 4. sidewalk chalk 5. giant googly eyes 6. skateboard army men 7. rock coloring crayons 8. paper plane origami 9. paint set 10. sling shot 11. kite 12. yo-yo 13. hand sand scoop 14. baseball 15. wind up chick 16. bubbles 17. top 18. paddle ball 19. slinky 20.  mini doodle books (we’re bringing these for the Japan flight!)


Im looking for toddler basket ideas (1.5-2yrs). What can I stuff into eggs (which I def think my daughter will be into).

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