Land of Nod Play Kitchen Giveaway

Hey guys! I’ve got a great giveaway for you today for a lucky little one in your life. Land of Nod is giving away this gorgeous play kitchen worth $250. Would that be amazing with a big bow under the tree this year?? Such a classic toy.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.42.27 PM

Land of Nod is one of my very favorite places to get both tree trimmings (we have these rainbow ornaments and love them)and gifts, most of Edie’s gifts under the tree are from there this year. Here’s something great too: They’re offering 20% different categories of toys each day and today all the kitchen and play food is 20% off. Tomorrow it’ll be all rockers and ride-ons are 20%. Here are a few Land of Nod favorites I’m eyeing this year:

land of nod favs

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten


Be sure to enter the giveaway below, you have until Friday 12am PST. Good luck!
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What a beautiful play kitchen. Both my boy and girl will love it. Dang, I love it!

My little one is just getting into pretend play. She would love the kitchen!

I adore the kitchen and so would my daughter!! She loves “cooking” with me in the kitchen, so seeing her “cooking” in her very own kitchen would be so sweet. Thank you!

I would give this to my two sons. One of whom wants to be a “baker scientist” when he grows up! <3

I would give this kitchen to my sister’s kids. They have had a rough year, new home, divorce, etc, so they would appreciate something shiny and new!

I love this giveaway! I would give the kitchen set to my nephew. He would love it!

I’d give this to my brother who is having his first child in a few nonths and my daughter will have a cousin..hooray!

I’d give this to my 2.5 yo son. He would love it. Play kitchens are always the first thing he goes to at friends’ homes.

If I won I would give this to my son’s daycare so all of his friends could play with it.

this would be a great gift for my almost 2 year old for her birthday later this winter. thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway! 🙂

I would love to have this at my parents house for when the grandchildren visit them. Thank you!

My sweet nephew! He loves helping his mom in the kitchen!

My 3 kids. They love to play “restaurant” and “house”.

It would be a perfect gift for the little baby in my baby when he/she is old enough to play with it 🙂

I’d keep it at our house for all the babies / kids who visit regularly, including our nephew!

i would give the kitchen to my daughter! it would be especially nice during the winter when it’s too cold to be outside.

My almost 2 year old would love this. Thanks for the giveaway!

I wish this kitchen set was around when my little guy was younger. I’d give it to my nephew!

Love it! I would give it to my niece and nephews – aged 2-6. They would LOVE it! The oldest is just getting interested in cooking 🙂
Thanks for the giveaway!

What a beautiful kitchen! I would give it to my cousins daughter.

I love this kitchen! I would love it for my 3 year old son. He is super into helping me cook lately. And when he outgrows it – my 8 month old twins sons will love it. We would get years of use from this darling toy.

I’d replace the cheap-o plastic one we have (and not tell my parents who gave it to us. . . .).

I would give this kitchen set to my son, who is 16 months old. He’s a little young for it now, but he loves to come into the kitchen and “help” (aka grab things off the shelf) while I’m cooking. Love this!

My littlest boy. We have two and the baby has seriously never gotten a present because his older brother always snags ’em. He’d be so cute playin’ in his kitchen next to me. 🙂

Love this kitchen! My daughter would be thrilled to get this!

I would love to give this to my daughter! She would love it!

This is amazing! My son would love this! He has a big, brown plastic kitchen – but this would be so much nicer in his room!!

What a great kitchen! This would be for my darling daughter.

My son! He asked for an oven for Christmas so he can be a “dinner helper”. Thanks for this great giveaway!

I would love to give the kitchen to my son! He loves cooking!

I have 2 young granddaughters that would that.
Thank you

my baby girl’s first birthday is just around the corner, and she will be moving into her own room, where these toys would fit perfectly!

The triplets would love an extra kitchen instead of fighting for the little one that they have right now.

this would go to my kids, my 6 yr old maybe too big but the 6 m.o. will definitely grow into it!!

I would give this to my 2 year old son Stanley. We just bought a new bigger house and I would be perfect!!

LOVE Land of Nod! My son and daughter would love that play kitchen. Who doesn’t love a play kitchen? 🙂

My daughter would go bananas for this kitchen! She is constantly underfoot when we are cooking in our real kitchen and asking us to try some of the things she “cooked.” Love it.

I would give it to my little 2 year old boy for christmas. He can share it with his little sister coming soon!

Such an adorable kitchen! I would love this for my two year old!

I would give it to my play food loving two-year-old. He would go crazy for that fridge!

I would give it to my son, but he already has one. I’d save it for my good friend Lana and her baby!

The kitchen is amazing, but those block chess pieces are gorgeous! My daughter would love them, might have to order some asap!

I would love to give this to my cousin’s son and her on-the-way daughter. Looks like such a quality toy that it would be good over the 5-6 year span they would use it.

Love the kitchen! I would gift it to my twin’s Viv and Eddie! They would love it!

It would be perfect for my twin nieces! or my future baby 🙂

My daughters would love this… And I’d be so jealous. It’s way nicer than my real kitchen. ha!

My niece Emma. She is already quite the little cook and helps me blog. We love the little kitchen. I love Land Of Nod. Fingers Crossed! Happy Holidays! TY!

How adorable! I wish I had one of those when I was growing up!

I would love to win this for my 1.5 year old son and 3 year old daughter. They would have so much fun playing make believe kitchen and restaurant!!

Love this! I would give the kitchen set to my kids. We have a plastic kitchen set now that could stand an upgrade!

My five year old girl would love this! We just got ride of her old one and she’s now making cake under her bed sheets like an oven. This would totally be an upgrade!

I would give it to my sweet little 2 yr old, she’d love it!

I would love to give this to our future adoptive child!

My darling nephew and niece would be thrilled to receive a play kitchen!

to my baby! it is so cute and would be adorable in the play room.

My son LOVES to go to the doctor’s office (!) because of the play kitchen there. He would love this one. Merry Christmas!

Love this kitchen set! I’d give it to my lovely little niece 🙂

This is only of the better play kitchens I have seen. So cute!

Great giveaway. I had something similar growing up and loved it!

Such a cute, simple kitchen! It would be perfect for my son and daughter to play with while Mama’s in the kitchen! 🙂

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