Tuesday Tip: Serial Podcast


Have you been listening to Serial? It’s a brand new documentary podcast from the producers of This American Life and it’s brilliant! It takes one true story and goes into deep detail about it through dozens of episodes with a new one released every Thursday. We’re in episode 5 of this fascinating murder case from 15 years ago and I’m at the edge of my seat trying to figure it out. It makes running errands much more enjoyable with something interesting to listen to in the car. Have you been listening to Serial? What podcasts do you enjoy? There was also a great article and interview with the producer of Serial, Sarah Koenig, here in Rolling Stone.

PS Aren’t those wooden radios above gorgeous? (image above)


Yes my friends and I count down the days until a new episode is released!

I want to have a cereal themed Serial finale listening party where NO TALKING is allowed 🙂

Yes! I love Serial! Just listened to the most recent episode today and can’t wait for the next one. Who did it? I’m not sure yet and I can’t wait to find out.

I’m on the 3rd episode of this and I am HOOKED. thanks for the tip, I love stuff like this.

I’m SUCH a fan of This American Life, how have I not heard about this yet?! Thanks for the tip i’ll be downloading and listening asap. 🙂

oh i’m totally obsessed as well! ah!! i can’t decide who did it, it changes in my mind every week

Serial is on my list! I am loving Startup – created by one of the producers of This American Life as he tries to launch a startup Podcast company. I’m completely hooked and can’t wait to see what happens!

Yes! I got hooked on Serial a couple weeks ago and now I wait not-very-patiently at all for Thursdays!

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