Halloween Family Costumes: Where’s Waldo


This last family of three costume is a classic! Where’s Waldo is not only cute and charming but it totally vibes with your striped nautical wardrobe so it’s super easy for a last minute costume! Be prepared to get lost a lot at the party, “You haven’t seen…Waldo have you?”. See all family costume idea here and all our Halloween costume ideas right here.



Huge thanks to our awesome family that modeled the family costumes this week:  Matt, Heather and sweet May Mildenstein (who makes a fantastic royal baby don’t you think?). Photography by the fabulous Ashley Thalman based out of Utah. Stellar styling by Sarah Larsen and her crafty assistant Stephanie Larsen. Produced by site manager Ashley Aikele who kept things rolling so smoothly, and with creative direction by myself, Liz Stanley.

Keep reading to see more details on this costume…



Waldo: jeans (H&M) striped t-shirt, boots, backpack, various travel items, cane, dollar store hat we added a pom pom to.


Mrs. Waldo: striped shirt (Target), navy pencil skirt (Target), dollar store hat we added a pom pom to, bandana, layered socks, thrifted boots, thrifted bag, glasses (Target).



Baby Waldo: striped onesie (Gap), blue tights (Gap), dollar store hat we added a pom pom to, dollar store glasses.


What do you think: Are you dressing up with your family or friends this week? What ideas do you have up your sleeve?


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