Halloween Couples Costumes: Singing in the Rain


It’s our couples costumes week here at Say Yes! Monday we shared the cute magician and rabbit, and today is simple and nostalgic: Singing in the Rain (a classic movie I still love!). Be prepared, you might be expected to show a little Gene Kelly dance moves and imitate Lena LaMont’s unforgettable accent, “What’s wrong with the way I talk? What’s the big idea? Am I dumb or something?”.

I’ve been thinking a lot about couples costumes this week. If you do a quick search online they are either A. abstract or B. way too sexy. Sometimes it’s hard to get a grown adult, especially a dude, on board with dressing up so I love costumes that involve a man in a suit (you’ll see that Quinn is in suits in almost every costume we’ve done-every guy looks so handsome in a suit!) and the girl in a pretty dress and/or something cute and chic (like the rabbit from monday). Other examples of this theme from past costumes are Mad Men and Mary Poppins. Also, the easier to put together the better! You probably have everything for this costume right in your closet.


Keep reading for more details on this Singing in the Rain costume…

Photography by the talented Ashley Thalman. Styling by Sarah Larsen, assisted by Stephanie Larsen. Produced by Ashley Aikele with creative direction by Liz Stanley. And of course thanks to my sister, Katrina, and her husband Quinn of QP Collections for modeling and their up for anything, playful personalities.


Her: Pleated dress (American Eagle), vintage shoes, 20s inspired wool hat (Target)

Him: Gray suit, gray fedora, white dress shirt, tie by QP Collections, trench coat, dress shoes


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