Tuesday Tip: Ice Cube Popsicles

ice cube popsicles

When I first started this blog (9 years ago!) I would wake up and blog about whatever came to mind that day. Whatever seemed helpful and interesting enough to share with all you in the moment. Things have obviously evolved where each post is a much more planned and thought-out, executed event. Often my editorial calendar is planned over a month in advance. Which is all good and feels like this space has grown into something bigger than myself, but I think there’s still something to be said for spontaneous posts as well. I share tidbits of random thoughts on Fridays, but thought I’d backpedal a bit and bring a little more spontaneity into my calendar by sharing a useful tip every Tuesday. Something small and simple, but that’s made my life easier. Maybe it’s around beauty, parenting, a blog/photography tip, a specific product or book I can’t live without (although these will never be sponsored posts), or a weekday lunch I find myself making over and over. If you came over to my house and we were catching up, what new discovery would I want to tell you about?

So, for our first tuesday tip- here’s something simple I wanted to share. There are two ‘foods’ Edie gets excited about: string cheese and ice cube popsicles (a simpler version of these rainbow teething pops I made before). These are just popsicle sticks stuck in a filled ice cube tray with water and frozen. They are the perfect size for her to hold onto herself and when I get home from school with Henry, it’s a nice distraction for her while I’m working with him on homework at the kitchen table. I re-use the popsicles sticks and keep a stack on our windowsill in the kitchen. She probably has at least two ice cube popsicles a day. Simple but kind of life changing. That’s all!

Photo by Liz Stanley


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This is such a great idea! I think I’ll save some of our popsicle sticks for just this purpose. I’m always on the lookout for fun activities for little hands to do while I do other things!

Hi Liz!

I just pinned this on our DeeAndDoo Pinterest account and had to leave a comment to thank you as well.

I can’t believe how easy this is for parents to do – free too – and how important it is to a child’s health and their mindset about water! Drinking water is so important for kids and affects potty training success. (I’m the co-creator of The Potty Progress Game™.) I’m so excited to have found this!

This is what I wrote with the pin:
“This wonderful pin comes from Liz Stanley and is one of Dee & Doo’s favorites. These are water popsicles! Yes, JUST water. What better way to build an appreciation for water in kids; by making it FUN. This wonderful idea can develop your child’s attitude towards consuming water in a really positive way. Drinking water helps make poop easier to pass and reduces constipation. A happy potty training MUST!”

I’d love to share your post on our site as well, under “Edoocation”. Please let me know if that’s ok!

Just genius, thanks so much! 🙂

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