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Today, I’m so happy to feature Erin Loechner! Erin has juggled an active Internet career with writing, speaking, styling and consulting since 2001. She is the author of two award-winning websites DesignForMiniKind and DesignForMankind as well as the executive editor for Clementine Daily. Phew…. that’s quite a list! But even more than that, Erin is one of the nicest people you could ever meet and a fabulous mother to her little darling, Bee!

Erin, your style is so fun and relaxed… tell us more about it!

As a mom, my uniform definitely skews toward function, rather than form. I’m not a mother that can chase her toddler around in heels, and I’ve never been one to say no to sliding down the playground slide so i don’t get my dress dirty. So for me, my mom uniform is rooted in two things: neutral basics that fit like a dream and mix-and-match separates that are easily laundered. I actually co-designed this tank specifically for moms; it’s part of a new collection of pajamas that you can dress up or down, from day to night. Today, I wore it to a food and music festival with coated wine denim and a hat, and when I got home, I promptly threw on matching pajama pants and dreamed the night away. Easy peasy is the name of the game for this mama!

What would you consider your go-to ‘momiform’ to be?

In the mornings, I sneak out to a yoga class, so you’ll find me in leggings and a tank more often than not. Otherwise, I like to throw on my husband’s old Levi’s and a gray linen blend tee (Madewell makes some incredible ones!) – it’s the perfect basic backdrop to dress down with sandals or loafers – or up with heels and a statement necklace for a date night! (What’s a date night?)

keep reading for Erin’s awesome advice on how to feel sexy again post baby…

What advice would you give a new mom whose struggling to feel sexy again with her post baby body?

Oh, new mamas have my heart. I was a bit of a trainwreck as a new mother, so I know that no matter what advice I share, I won’t have a magic formula. Oh how I wish I could take away those sleepless nights and stretch marks for you right now! But since I can’t, here are a few things that helped me:

-Give yourself time. You can play the “I have a newborn” card as long as you need to. Everyone transitions at a different rate, and for me, it took at least a year for my mind and spirit to feel like myself again. My body followed soon after, but it took some time. Be gentle with yourself, and take good care of the home your baby lived in for 9 months.

-Eat right. Even if it didn’t make a physical difference right away, eating right made me feel like I was taking real steps to working toward a healthier me. Plus, it gave me the fuel I needed to take stroller walks and get outside. Staying active made all the difference for me – nothing can feel more isolating than cooping yourself up inside with a screaming newborn!

-Invest in fit. Whether it’s a new bra that better suits your post-baby chest or a pair of slimming jeans, pay special attention to fit (and disregard the size on the tag!). When you’re struggling with a few extra pounds, fit can make all the difference.

-Talk to your husband about your struggles. Thank him for being patient with your new figure (chances are, he’s barely noticed any lingering pounds and is still in awe of what your body has accomplished!) and reassure him that healthiness is your goal so you can be the best wife and mama you can be.

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What is something you do for yourself everyday?

I always, always end my day with journaling and the Bible. It sounds Pollyanna, but it’s literally the only thing that grounds me in the midst of frenzied days.

For moms on a mission to rebuild their wardrobe, what are 5 staple pieces you’d recommend?

1. An amazing pair of fitted denim (I like high-waisted skinny – so flattering!).
2. A pair of low ankle booties to wear with cuffed jeans or skirts/dresses. I love these!
3. A great floppy hat for bad hair days.
4. A leather jacket to add style/drama to the most basic of outfits.
5. A dressed-up tee for layering


What beauty product can you not live without, and why is it your favorite?
I wouldn’t want to live without this mascara. It makes me look 98% less tired than I am, despite those early morning alarm clocks!


favorite sneaker: Onitsuka Tiger by Asics
favorite casual dress or skirt: Oak + Fort’s are unbelievably comfy.
old reliable pair of jeans: My husband’s Levi’s; they’re perfectly worn in, frayed and baggy.
favorite place to vacation: Small lake towns in Michigan
band on permanent rotation in my spotify: The Civil Wars
your go to accessory: Any necklace from RK design – she’s amazing!
color or black and white: Black and white, absolutely.


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Great post, sound advice. I just arrived at my pre baby weight (6 months later) and I am feeling content and happy with my body…and wondering why I stressed the first few month anyway (not worth it). I am all for reassuring your husband usually when you do he will tell you not to worry about it, that you look great, or find some other way to make you feel better about your self….its basically fishing for compliments, which you sometimes need post baby

This is a beautiful look, and loving the wine colored jeans, but I have to say – ‘thank your husband for being patient with your new figure’ – Um, pardon? Why on earth would I need to thank him for being so understanding that my body looks different? My husband doesn’t own my body any more than I own his, and I would never expect him to apologize for putting a few pounds on.

Making mothers feel like they need to explain their bodies to anyone is going a long way towards shaming them. Your body looks however it looks and you shouldn’t feel like you need to ‘reassure’ your husband that it’s going to change any time soon.

Another vote for ankle boots, I guess it’s time to get a pair. Also, happy to hear about leather jackets- I still have mine from the 90s

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