DIY Personalized Heart Bracelet

diy pesonalized heart bracelet

Let’s be honest, this holiday is definitely for the laaaaaadies so I’d rather not try to complicate things by coming up with masculine versions of heart cakes and glitter cards. Every Valentine’s Day I get a bouquet of flowers from my dad across the country. It’s really sweet, I like the idea of this holiday focusing on dads and daughters. If you have a similar tradition in your family or want to start one, here’s a handmade heart bracelet that would be a perfect gift for a daughter. It takes only a few minutes to make:

1. Start with a ball of polymer clay and shape it into a heart, flat on one side.

2. Stick your leather cord through the back and shape the clay around the cord then carefully pull it out, being careful not to collapse the ‘tunnel’.

3. Using a mini alphabet stamp kit (be sure to thoroughly wash off any other ink), stamp your little Valentine’s name into the heart.

4. Bake at 275 degrees for 15 minutes until hard.

5. Stick the leather cord back through and tie around your little Valentine’s wrist.

Styling and photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Jordan Wise

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This is so sweet and simple, I agree with Gina too- great taste without overly girly or glittery

LOVE! I’m weak for tone on tone objects + tasteful personalized pieces (especially our little ones!). I just love this and will definitely make these, too. Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

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