Gift Guide: For the new mom

This maternity leave guest post is by Natalie of Hey Natalie Jean.

hi! natalie here, reporting for duty! i met liz through her little brother spencer, who lives across the park from us in our small town of new york city. and i could not be more thrilled for liz if i tried. those first few weeks with a brand new baby are absolutely amazing, completely insane, and so so wonderful. i like to think about huck’s first days at home with me whenever i’m feeling blue–the memory of that intense cocktail of hormones and sleep deprivation and crazy wild roller coaster love for that new person i was going to try like heck not to screw up always makes me smile. it’s just all so heady and beautiful and magical. enjoy it, liz!
with the holidays in full swing i thought i’d put together a little gift guide for friends of liz and other new mamas out there who maybe are at a loss for what to get for their friend who suddenly doesn’t leave the house as much and maybe you haven’t seen her around in a while because suddenly your sleeping schedules are completely opposite of each other. it’s a tough one! i remember a amazing key gifts i received back in the day that really made my life as a new mom easier and meant the entire world to me, because, as i always say, a practical gift is a thoughtful gift.
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one: thoughtful jewelry. lockets are always a hit, no matter how many you have (especially if you take the time to include a photo for her!) and best yet, this necklace has a magnetic closure, so when her baby reaches for it and tugs really hard (it’s going to happen), it easily detaches and doesn’t break. so smart. i can’t tell you how many good necklaces i lost that first year.
two: i found i could never keep enough simple tri-fold cloth diapers around the house. i could always use more. one or two in every room, for cleaning up spills and spit ups and drool and other miscellaneous bodily fluids, and enough to make sure you have a few in rotation at all times. i most definitely didn’t cloth diaper huck (no washing machines in that tiny first apartment of ours) but having the cloths around was a life saver.
three: a water bottle. as a nursing mother i was so thirsty! all of the time! all moms need a gentle reminder to take care of themselves and stay to hydrated. let’s make that reminder pretty.
four: gray is the best color for a new mom. i’ve given this a lot of thought. dark colors show spit up starkly, white is always a bad idea, but with gray your chances of coming out the other side of a mess without too much evidence is fairly high. i mean, i can’t guarantee anything. babies are super messy.
five: cute booties for baby. any gift for baby is really a gift for mom, especially if they’re well-designed and cute to look at.
six: a pack of magnetic closure converters. get her a pack of 15 so she can attach them to all of favorite necklaces and get to wear them worry-free. grab away, kid!
thanks for having me, liz! kiss that baby for me!


oh my goodness! how have i never heard about these clasp connectors before! i am ordering a set in gold and silver NOW! thank you SO much!!!

I have that necklace and the magnetic closure is on the locket itself, not the chain, so nothing detaches. The chain is actually quite delicate and the locket heavy. It’s pretty though and I get lots of compliments!

i always try to include a gift for the new mom, everyone seems to forget about the mom in the picture of the arrival of a new baby and she is oh so important. i love the necklace with the magnetic clasp. ingenious.

Aw, what a sweet post! The jewelry clasp idea is ingenious. I love how pretty that water bottle is, I might just order it for myself 🙂

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