Gift Guide: Sentimental Gifts

By fashion editor Ashley

sentimental gift guide

There are those people in your life that seem to have everything they want and need (ahem…. grandparents, in laws, parents etc). This makes Christmas shopping difficult because what do you get someone who already has everything? Well you get them something sentimental of course. Something that has more meaning than a new serving dish or wool sweater. So here is a round up of sentimental gifts for those “hard to shop for” people in your life.

Keep reading for gift details…1. Custom Illustration: How fun would it be to give your grandparents an illustration of the home they raised their children in? I’m sure it would be a piece they would cherish for years and pass down to their children one day. Etsy has lots of options and styles for custom illustrations, this one is done by My Little Buffalo. Another option is to get a custom portrait of your family (a great gift for the in laws).

2. Hand Painted Plates: Items that are homemade always have more sentimental value. I love the idea of making a custom set of plates because every time they are used they’ll think of you. This can be a perfect option for almost anyone on your list. Tutorial for these plates can be found here on Love From Ginger.

3. Personalized Address Stamp: Etsy has so many fun options for custom address stamps. I love the handwritten feel of this one. This is a great gift option for your friends who just bought their first home, or your mother in law who is always writing and sending notes and cards. Stamp by Rubber Stamp Press.

4. Photo Book: There are a lot of options out there for printing photo books. Recently I came across Artifact Uprising and their new app that lets your customize and order a book straight from your phone! How easy is that? I’m sure the grandparents would love to have a little book full of all the moments of their grandkids you capture with your phone.

5. Customized Phone Case:  Wouldn’t your dad love a picture of his dog on his phone case? My dad would. Nothing like having mans best friend in your back pocket, right? Or customize the case with a candid picture of the grandkids for your mom. Talk about a perfect conversation piece for her to brag about her grandchildren.

6. Family Tree Print: With all the fun pedigree chart options available I really like this simplified version that shows the core of the family, where it all started. Print by Cozy Blue.

7. Family Photo Calendar: A customized family calendar can be a great gift for your brothers, sisters, and parents. Especially if you fill it with family photos from growing up, or the family reunion you had last year.


Love those hand painted plates. We make some ourselves!

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