GIFT GUIDE: Friend Gifts for $10 or Less

By fashion editor Ashley


It’s hard to believe it’s already time to start thinking about the holiday’s, including what I’m going to get everyone on my list. With the clock ticking I’ve been working on a person a week since the beginning of November. Lately I’ve been thinking about what to get for friends that won’t break the bank. Here is a round up of sweet simple gifts for your girlfriends, all under $10!

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1. Magazine Subscription: One year my friend gave me a subscription to Martha Stewart Everyday Food and it is still one of my most favorite gifts I’ve ever gotten. It was so much fun to see something in the mail every month, and it always reminded me of her. Real Simple has a special going on right now for gift subscriptions… 2 for $23.88 (just over $10 a piece!).

2. Nail Polish: You can’t really go wrong with nail polish. My favorite brand right now is Essie. They have so many fun shades to pick from! Somehow I always find myself picking out some shade of red (my favorite). You can find them for around $7 at your local Target.

3. Mini Bowl Set: When I bought my dishes they came with a set of mini bowls that I thought I would NEVER use… boy was I wrong! They might easily be the most used piece in my collection. They are perfect for toppings, sides, sauces, spices or even for outside the kitchen… jewelry, pins, paper clips etc. Anthropologie carries these mini bowls in the cutest colors! You can get 8 for $20 online and give them to two friends or buy them individually in store.

4. Lip Balm: I recently discovered this yummy lip balm. It comes in a fun shape and great flavors… like sweet mint, lemon drop, and summer fruit. These make a perfect little gift if your list of friends is long because they are only about $3.00 at your local drug store or Target.

5. Reusable Bag: Women love bags… and it’s impossible to have too many, right? With reusable bags becoming a standard in daily life (it’s common here in California to be charged 10 cents per bag when you don’t have your own) this gift is perfect for your girlfriend to fold up and keep in her purse or diaper bag for her shopping trips. You can also fill it with some of her favorite goodies when you gift it to her. You can find the baby Baggu for $7 and the regular Baggu for $9.

6. Notebooks: I love notebooks. My husband likes to tease me because I have countless notebooks strewn about the house and I still feel like I need more! These notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. are great because they come in a pack of two for $10 and they are just so darn cute! Not to mention, they are the perfect size for tossing into your purse.

7. Cozy Socks: My drawer is full of mostly boring short white socks but how fun would it be to get a nice thick cozy cute pair of socks? The perfect friend gift for the holidays. These socks are from Loft for $6.50.

8. Potted Herbs: With all the cooking that goes on around the holidays wouldn’t it be fun to have some fresh herbs to throw in? My local Trader Joes always has tons of potted herbs for $5-$8. You can keep them in their original pots or pick up some inexpensive ones at IKEA or Home Depot.


I love the idea of giving herbs! Nail polish is always a great gift too. Thanks for the ideas!

You’re a genius at gift guides! Always have been. Great ideas

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