Gift Guide: For the Man in Your Life

By fashion editor Ashley

boyfriend-husband gift guide

One of the hardest people to shop for during the holiday’s is the person that I know the very most, my husband! It seems that most men when they want something they go out and buy it themselves. Either that or they have expensive taste! For example, my husband is wishing big time for a motorcycle, Tesla Car, and trip to Greece. Could he aim any higher? I mean, really? Soooo I’ve put together a a gift guide of some realistic gifts for the men in our lives. Ones that we can afford and that they will even like! Do you have any tips on shopping/buying for your man?

Keep reading for the gift details…1. Makita Drill Set: According to my husband every man should have a drill set, and this is one of the best. If a drill is out of reach you can go a little more simple with a tool belt or a small tool set. This will have him prepped and ready to tackle your “honey do” list come January.

2. iPad Case: Buying new tech gadgets can be expensive so another alternative is to get him a fun accessory for something he already has. A new phone case (maybe one that also works as a wallet), a phone mount for your bike, a new tablet case etc etc.

3. Sports Hat: Most men loves sports and hats so this can be an easy win. Just make sure you get the right team, the right size, and the right hat style (these men can be picky!).

4. Puffy Vest: Cheaper than getting him a new coat, a vest is a great alternative. Plus, it makes him look all manly… don’t you think?

5. Google Chromecast: This new little tech gadget is comparable to Apple TV or the Roku. It streams whatever you have open in your Google chrome browser to your TV. Plus,  it has its own interactive interface for all your streaming needs. A great gift for only $35!

6. Unique Handmade Tie: Sure, tie’s are kind of a cliche gift for Christmas but if you ditch the silk tie you found at Ross and go for something that has a little more style and quality it’s sure to mean more too. Liz’s brother in law makes these fabulous ties that come in great patterns and textiles, check out his site QP Collections.

7. Grill Accessory Set: Another go to is the grill. Instead of buying him a nice fancy grill, opt for a new accessory set or a meat thermometer. This will likely up his excitement about the grill he already has and maybe he will even end up making you dinner.

8. Shave Kit: You know he is going to need this after no shave November! And as much as guys don’t like to admit it, I think they like a little pampering too… in a manly kind of way of course.


It seems my husband is exactly the same as yours! 😉
thanks for the ideas anyway!

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