Gift Guide: For the Bookworm

This maternity leave guest post is by Rebecca Ricks


Picking out gifts for a friend who loves reading books can be difficult. Not only is it stressful picking out a book that your friend would deem good literature, but you also could end up making the mistake of buying a book that your friend already owns. Yikes! As a self-identified bibliophile, I’ve put together a list of gifts your literary friend might like, none of which are actually books.

Keep reading for these bookworm gift details…

Bartleby Tote Bag: Did you ever read Herman Melville’s Bartleby, the Scrivener in high school? His iconic catch phrase “I would prefer not to” is printed on this cute tote bag. It would make the perfect tote for trips to the library!

Writer’s Pencils: Chances are your bookworm friend loves writing in the margins of her books. Isn’t this set of pencils clever?

Virginia Woolf Print: Even before Nicole Kidman played her on film, Virginia Woolf has been considered one of the formative modernist writers of the twentieth century.  If your friend has Mrs. Dalloway or To the Lighthouse on her shelf, she’ll probably love this art print.

Gatsby Sweater: This cool Gatsby-themed sweater will send the message that you read F. Scott Fitzgerald (or at least watched the movie).

Leaf Bookmarks: Here’s a clever alternative to dog-earing pages of a book. These adhesive bookmarks are printed to look like leaves. Simply stick them in the pages of your books to keep your place!

Bookshelf Stationery: This set of cards would make the perfect gift for your bookworm friend. Each set of cards features a hand-drawn illustration of the bookshelf you wish you had.

Penguin Books Pouch: Printed to look like the iconic Penguin book cover, this pouch would be perfect for storing pens and pencils. Subscription: Let’s all admit it: we don’t have the time to sit down and read as much as we’d like to. Chances are your bookworm friend would love to listen to audiobooks throughout the day. A subscription to would make a really thoughtful gift!


This is a great list. As a book lover, I would also HIGHLY recommend anything from! They make clothing and accessories with designs from vintage book covers, and for every shirt you buy, they donate a book to a community in need through Books For Africa. I am not in any way affiliated with them, I just love their products and company so much I thought they would make a great addition to your list.

Great gift guide, though I must point out that the bookshelf stationery is crazy ripping off the work of Jane Mount, who illustrated My Ideal Bookshelf. Of course, I don’t know who came up with the idea first, but….fair is fair, and something’s not fair here.

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