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By shopping contributor Kasey
Stockings?!? Already!? it’s barely it’s not even thanksgiving yet! I know what you’re thinking, and I know I know it IS super early, but here’s the thing, if you want to buy homemade for the holidays (which I highly recommend you do, of course) it’s time to start shopping now.  Give your makers plenty of time to get your orders out, and everyone will be merry!
keep reading for the details…With that being said I’ve put together a stocking stuffers gift post for you! In our home on christmas morning, my sisters and I would run down the stairs to find a bounty of present under the tree, but we weren’t allowed to touch them until my parents woke up. we were however allowed to open our stockings as soon as we got up (very clever of my parents, as this bought them an hours or so to sleep in!), stocking therefore, became a big deal for us, usually my mom (ahem, Santa) would leave us little hints as to what we were getting in our “big” presents. Now, as a grown up I still like my stockings, and I still get giddy opening them up. maybe my mister will see this post and hook me up with a few of these goodies!
before we begin, the top image is from a post with heaps of mantel inspiration for you!
1. Art supplies are great in stockings! and these inks are sure to inspire heaps of creativity throughout the winter months.
2. Did you guys ever get ornaments in your stocking, we always got one, and these vintage beauties will certainly be treasures for years to come! from Chromatic Wit
3.The most adorable little reindeer stamp from Creatiate
4. A darling christmas crown to wear the whole rest of the day! from Cauliflower Kids
5. Make sure all those goodies have a great stocking to live in! this one’s just so great from Robin cottage
6. let the pretend play begin with these too adorable for words reindeer also from Paper Particles
7.A tea sampler would be so much fun on christmas morning! not to mention tasty! from Marble and Milkweed
8. instead of plain old socks (something else we always got in our stockings) keep your feet warm with these cozy booties from Nesrin Art
I hope you enjoy your thanksgiving, and that holidays are off to a great start for you already!
See you around!
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I love buying etsy gifts for the holidays, lovely choices!

I loved this roundup of products, especially those little slippers. Hint — I favorited that item on Etsy & the maker sent me an email with a 15% off code (good for everything in the shop!) so if anyone is considering buying them, make sure to favorite first!

Just an FY,I the deer and ornaments from beccashoots are photographs of those things not the actual items themselves. 🙂

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