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Real quick here: I stumbled upon this site, SheInside, earlier and found some beautiful winter coats for really cheap, under $60. I’m unsure about the quality or company but thought I’d pass along the tip if you’re in the market for one. Anyone ordered from them before and know more?

Navy sweater coat $38
Green fur hooded $44
Black Zippered $53
Oversized Houndstooth Wool $45
Black and White Plaid $39
Green contrast PU leather $46


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Jep they make exact kopies from both H&M and Zara – wonder how they still exist..they must get lawyers stalking them all the time

They usually take photos from more well known brands and use it on their site as if it’s theirs. Then recreate their version. I ordered something once and it took 4 weeks to arrive and while the item was ok, it was obviously not the same quality as the image shown on their site.

I also purchased the sweater that you posted a few weeks ago. It came no problem, but now I’m a little nervous after reading that scam website. I’ll have to keep an eye on my credit card!

I actually purchased the sweater that you posted weeks ago from SheInside. It came in great condition and fine quality, but with no tags and at such a great price, I had to do some digging on this company. It seemed to good to be true.

Unfortunately, I do not think they are the most transparent company, and I came across many articles alluding to child labor and labor law abuse. Needless to say, I removed their site from my bookmarks. Beautiful pieces but certainly not worth that nonmonetary price!

Ooh thanks for the heads up Lauren, glad i hadn’t purchased anything yet from them. They sound pretty shady, sad! I thought I had found a good source 🙁

Loving all of these pics! I’m almost hoping for a cold winter so I can find a good reason to buy a new coat haha.

I know that the 3rd one is from Zara, even the photos are taken from there.

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