Etsy in your office

By shopping contributor Kasey

esty in your office

This months Etsy finds is brought to you by: Productivity! It’s time to get stuff done, and if you’re like me you thrive in a simple well organized space. I’m the kind of person who needs all the help I can get to stay focused, and having a space that’s set apart and free from distractions is key. That doesn’t mean it can’t look nice though right? All of these spaces are so right up my alley, and also very inspiring!
Here’s a few Etsy finds that I hope will inspire you to get your productivity on!
1. Triangle notebook from Zalooza
2. catch all from Farrah Sit
3. Mouse pad Pseudo Lover
4. beautiful leather lamp from An Aesthetic Design
5. Vintage pencil sharpener from What’s New on the Mantel
6. Adorable 2014 Calendar from Rocket Ink
7. Inspirational banner from Oh, Albatross
8. salvaged wood desk organizer from Bird on the Tree 
9. Vintage drawers from Rainy Day Swap Meet 
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Sorry about that! It should be updated now
Thank you for keeping an eye out 🙂

the link for the ‘catch all by farrah sit’ isnt working, it links to the triangle notebook instead. just an fyi 🙂

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