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Excited to introduce to you another fantastic company advertising on Say Yes, Dear Kate. Dear Kate sells beautiful undergarments that are just as functional as they are fashionable. I was first drawn to the style of them, but I love that they also provide extra leak-proof protection for those moments when you just want to back out of a room with your back to the wall (the worst!). I think this is such a smart company and the styles are really beautiful, with my favorites being the starlet hipster (pictured above, also in pink), the moxie cheeky, and the leading lady hipster. There’s also a maternity section. They sent me a few samples and I’ve been loving them- so cute and really comfy.black-hipster-sunroom Dear Kate--9

A little background about the company and a special discount code for Say Yes readers…

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The founder, Julie Sygiel was studying chemical engineering at Brown University when she took her first entrepreneurship class and wondered why our underwear couldn’t be as functional as it was fashionable. She spent several years researching and developing an incredible leak and stain resistance free fabric, saving your favorite dress. The inner layers are a microfiber that’s stain resistant, they allow the outer layers to dry faster in case of a mishap. When used during that time of the month, no scrubbing required- simply throw them in the washing machine. You can read more about this great company right here.

Coupon code valid through July 28th: SYTHlove for $10 off your order 10offSYTH

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Cute! Are the maternity versions different? I don’t usually wear different underwear during my pregnancies . Just curious

Yeah, they said they found the same- that women usually don’t wear different underwear under pregnancy and they are just suggested styles for maternity

I just ordered myself a pair to try! I think these have the potential to make great mama-to-be or an after baby gifts. Can’t wait to see how they work!

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