Gift Guide: For Your Techie Little Brother

Little techie brothers are hard to shop for! I asked my own little techie brother, Spencer, for a few items he’s got on his wishlist this year in the hopes of giving you some ideas! Growing up, Spencer was the one who always fixed the family computer when it was on the fritz, played drums in a garage band, and made amateur vhs movies blowing up his Gi Joes with makeshift bombs. Now’s he’s a fancy pants lawyer living in Manhattan with a cute wife, but he still loves anything techie. If you’ve got a techie little brother, here are some ideas for what to gift:

1. Laptop memory
2. Garmin GPS
3. Bluetooth headset
4. ViewSonic Tablet
5. iPhone Griffin case
6. Toshiba external hard drive
7. iPhone 5
8. Nikon Camera D3100
9. Universal Remote
10. Samsung 50” tv
11. Wireless cable modem


Gift Guide graphic and layout by Ashley Aikele
This post is sponsored by Best Buy. What will your gift do?


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Haha! This makes me laugh because this is so Spencer. He got his 50″ tv just last week, but he still wants the external hard drive and laptop memory. What a tech geek! (I mean that in a very loving way, of course.)

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