Gift Guide: Far and Away

Post and gift guide design by contributor Ashley

The holidays are all about spending time with friends and family but the reality is, that’s not always possible. To ease the pain I’ve made a gift guide of fun unique gifts to those you can’t see this year.

1. A beautiful wall hanging calendar that they can hang in their home to look at all year and remember you by is never a bad choice, its practical art at its finest!
2. This “How to Knit Kit” from Purl Bee is a great gift for a crafty friend, sister, or even your niece. The kit includes your choice of yarn, and all the tools and instructions on how to knit your very own scarf!
3. For those who have a sweet tooth or a knack for novelty foods send them some ice cream! It comes straight to their door step frozen, ready to be eaten or put in the freezer. They have great holiday flavors like, dark chocolate peppermint, cranberry royal sorbet, and sweet potato with torched marshmallows.
4. Technology Will Save Us has DIY kits to please those with the need to tinker. My favorite were the build your own speaks kit or this thirsty plant kit to water your plants.
5. I think this is such a clever idea! You can create a foldable version of yourself. It sends flat and ready to be folded without any cutting or gluing. How fun would it be to open up a package with a foldable version of your family inside?
6. This Australian based company is bringing back telegrams! I sent one to a friend for her birthday and it was a hit. The best part is how simple it is, you just type in your message, hit send, and it goes out in the mail directly to them. They even put the word STOP in every time you type a period.
7. There are lots of companies out there who deliver farm fresh food to your door step. This would be a perfect gift for the receiver to redeem at the new year after all the holiday food they’ve been eating.


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