Gift Guide: For the Kiddos

Whether it’s your own child, a cute niece or nephew or friend, here are a few favorites for the kiddos on your shopping list this year:

1. Chalkboard Laptop $68
2. Playforever MINI 2 Race Car $35
3. Colorparty Watch $26
4. Bunny Mittens $48
5. Red Mushroom Clock $68
6. Logo Jumper Sweater $42
7. Printable Animal Olliblocks $5
8. Crayon Rocks $7.25
9. Robot Kit $20
10. Solar System Ball $9.95
11. Charley Harper Giant Floor Puzzle $19.95
12. Klutz Pop Bead Critters $12.95
13. Blue Converse Sneakers $49.50
14. Bambi $38
15. Blue Push Whale $16
16. When You Were Small by Sara O’Leary $11.53

Gift guide logo by Ashley Aikele

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So cool to see so many cute recommendations on your site. We have quite a few of them in our store in Munich. A lot of them can also be ordered online via : – we also ship internationally!
Did you know there is a wooden phone that matches the laptop?

Best regards from Germany,

Ute from Auryn Naturmoden & Spielwaren’s team

By the way: We all love your blog!!!!

Love your gift guides!

I have gift guides running this week too and thought finding a truly unique kid’s gift (without all the plastic and junk!) was the biggest challenge.

So nice to see a refreshing list of options such as these. Love the blog!


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