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What artists are you drawn to? I’ve always loved the work of candid photographer Alfred Eistenstaedt who was a German born American photographer who worked for Life Magazine. His work has appeared on over 90 covers of the magazine (amazing, right?). He’s most known for this famous image, although he has dozens of other beautiful ones. I made a gallery of my favorite Alfred Eistenstaedt photographs here at Below are a few favorites:

Wide Range of Facial Expressions on Children at Puppet Show the Moment the Dragon is Slain– A classic! Would love to frame this in a child’s playroom. You’ll also probably love this one if you like the one above.

Trailer Park in Yellowstone National Park– Isn’t this one beautiful? It speaks to my adventurous spirit. I’d love to frame this one somewhere in our home.

Ballerinas Standing on Window Sill in Rehearsal Room, George Balanchine’s School of American Ballet– I used to dance ballet and my sister went to this ballet school in Manhattan growing up so I’ve always loved his ballet photographs.

What artists are you drawn to and why?

Another favorite photograph of mine and an awesome app from…

Uniformed Drum Major For University of Michigan Marching Band Practicing His High Kicking Prance– This one is so happy! It makes me want to join in on the parade

The new site is simply beautiful and really user friendly. I love the artmatch iPhone app which allows you to take photographs of an artwork you see and find out who the artist is, and even purchase a print right there on your phone. Such an amazing tool.

See more art I love as I’m curating my gallery here.

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I LOVE the look on the kids face in the background to the right. Half his (her?) face is cut off but it’s a priceless expression!

And also, wow, acrobatic drum major

the drum major & the kids is too much. fun & innocence & frivolity all wrapped up in one photo. Thanks for sharing!

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