Welcome Sponsors: Tophatter

Pleased to welcome Tophatter as a sponsor here at Say Yes to Hoboken today! Have you heard of Tophatter? It’s an online, real time auction house where sellers from all over auction off their stuff in a fun interactive experience. It totally feels like a fun online game!  As soon as you log in there are all kind of interactive sounds and actions. You can even chat with others in the auction. There are all sorts of categories like art, vintage, jewelry, supplies, home decor, fashion, crafts, etc that start at crazy low prices. A great place to find craft supplies or rare vintage items for cheap. But watch out, it’s kind of addicting! If you sign up here you can start off with a free $5 credit to spend at any auction.

Keep reading for examples of some of the deals in jewelry up for grabs on Tophatter right now…

Happy auctioning!

Interested in sponsorship at Say Yes to Hoboken? Email me at liz (at) sayyestohoboken.com for current rates 


It’s great to see people coming up with online businesses. This looks like fun.
Thanks for keeping us up to speed.

Oh no…oh dear…why would you show us this?! I’m going to become COMPLETELY addicted!!! And of COURSE I’m exaggerating…except the addicted part.

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