I’m confused. When do you remove the parchment paper that is between the graham crackers and cookie dough?

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I made this a few days ago but instead of using a pan, I did individual ones by using a cupcake pan. Soooo delicious and we didn’t have to worry about cutting or scooping anything. So glad I found this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Turned out amazing! So easy and delicious 🙂 just watched really closely to make sure i did not over/under bake

Love this!!!!!!!!!!! Baked the cookies for only 8-9 minutes and then added the hersey chocolate and marshmallows until toasted. Brought them into the office today and everyone is raving about them and asking for the recipe. Thank you!

This turned out so fantastic that I know I’ll be making it again!! Be sure to bake the cookie dough first before topping with the choc chips and marshmallows. I baked for 13 minutes at 350. It still was pretty gooey but set enough I figured (I like my cookies chewy) and I cranked the temp up to 450 for the marshmallow part the caramelize the sugar a bit more making them taste like real s’mores. Can’t say how long they were in exactly, maybe 5 minutes? Watch they closely! But these were even better after they cooled. My guess is that the lady who said hers turned out super hard as a brick cooked hers too long. Hope this help! It is so worth making!!!!

Is the recipe posted somewhere? How many graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate?

My 11 year-old son made these last night and they turned out heavenly! Yes, they are most yummy fresh out of the oven, but if you leave them out (do not refrigerate), they will stay nice and soft. I like to microwave the leftovers to warm them up a bit, though. (I wonder why Loren’s didn’t turn out.) I will definately be making these again! 🙂

Sadly, This is was the worst recipe I have ever did. We were having Thanksgiving at my grandfather’s house. I decided I would bring a dish, and this seemed the easiest and quickest thing to make! It looks ABSOLUTELY delicious!
I first got butter to smear around the pan, so nothing would stick. I then laid the graham crackers, and cookie dough. Put it in the oven, until the cookies were done (I followed the instructions). I then put chunks of Hersey bars on top, and a couple of handfuls of marshmallows on top, and waited til the marshmallows were completely melted and a little toasted on top. I wrapped it up, put it in my car, and headed (20 miles down the road), ate thanksgiving, and when it was dessert time! I couldn’t wait to show off my lovely dish.
I was the first one to the Dessert table, and tried to scoop it up…it was COMPLETELY hard. The marshmells was like…..cheese on a pizza, and I couldn’t break it off…it was tough, and the cookie area was too hard to break through. I was so embarrassed that I quickly through it away before anyone noticed I made this awful dish.
Maybe its only good when its RIGHT out of the oven….

clearly you do NOT bake them all together..the picture shows u the baked cookie then the other toppings

Do you bake the graham crackers and cookie before you top with chocolate and marshmallows?

Whatever temperature the cookies should be baked at (the instructions come on the packet). Usually 325F. 🙂 I can’t wait to try this!

how should i store this? is it best to refrigerate or can i just leave at room temp for a few days?

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