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This post is sponsored by as part of their 25 program. Find the art you love here.
A few weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to attend a summit here in San Francisco for the re-launch of’s beautiful site (and the world’s largest collection of hand picked art pieces).   The campaign is all about finding the art you love and I’m part of the 25, a sponsored blogger campaign. Picking art is the hardest part about decorating your home, don’t you think? Filling those empty walls with art that reflects you, something you care about and love to look at everyday? I struggle with it every time we move. My favorite part about the summit was listening to everyone talk about a piece they selected from the site. I learned so much about the other bloggers, and really inspired to find more pieces that I loved.

One of my favorite parts of the new site is the ‘view it in a room’ feature for each piece. I love that you can even upload a photo of your own room which is awesome and so useful when you’re trying to make decisions about artwork. Their new launch video is really beautiful as well. I’ll be partnering with over the next few weeks to share more ideas about collecting art and decorating your home.

How do you find artwork for your empty walls? Do you shop at once or gather gradually over time?

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I love collecting art from family and friends. I have a lot of talented artists and it makes our home so much more interesting to be in!

My hubby and I were given a ‘gift of art’ when we got married and used to find the perfect piece for our dining room. It’s such a great site and I could easily spend hours browsing. I’m a designer and think that art is such a personal element that it should be chosen by the person who will be living with it rather than chosen just to coordinate with the space. This is a great resource and it doesn’t get much easier!

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