i live an hour from the city and one of my favorite things to do is drive highway 1 from san francisco to santa cruz…such a beautiful and scenic drive!

San Francisco is such an awesome city. I haven’t been there in a year and this post makes me want to book a flight immediately.

The photos are so San Franciscan, especially the one of the produce! Everyone around here seems to be subscribed to either CSA or Farm Fresh boxes.


We are coming out for a few days this week and I cannot wait to enjoy your gorgeous city:) It i such a breathe of fresh air for mr!

Great view from the top of the new Dolores Park slide. Isn’t it awesome!?! We were there these past two days as well. I’m not sure who had more fun, the kids or the grown-ups!

Beautiful! I never knew those spots were so close either. Jealous!

I was reminiscing about our trips to San Francisco as I read this post. I am completely enamoured with the city and hope to call it home in the near future. The gingerbread cupcakes a at Miette are insane! Thanks for the great pics.

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