How to Wear It: The Anorak Jacket

This post is contributed by Ashley Aikele of The Daily Bucket

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the warmer weather, that is until I spotted the anorak jacket this season. The anorak is typically defined by its drawstrings at the waist and cargo-like pockets. Often anoraks read utilitarian, or “hi, I just backpacked the alps”. But today I am going to tell you how to mix the earthy anorak with some of this springs flirty trends.

Look One:
Pairing the anorak jacket with a printed dress gives this look a feminine feel. Pull the drawstrings in the jacket to accentuate the waist even more. To take the look up a notch I added pastel flats and a bold necklace. I wanted a nice balance between earthy and flirty so I added a leather belt and bag with western pattern to go along with the jacket.


Look Two:
Anorak’s are used to being paired with a checkered shirt so adding a pink button up to this look was a no-brainer. The key to helping this anorak vest feel more fresh and not like a lumber jack, is color. Hence the pink jean instead of the typical blue jean. The turquoise necklace helps dress things up and add a pop of color. For the bag, I picked one that had a Native American-like pattern but also had some color to tie everything together. Last but not least the wooden clog. The perfect piece to polish off the look.

Which outfit is your favorite? How do you feel about the anorak jacket?


Oooh I want that blue jacket so bad! But they only have it in x-large right now 🙁 It would be perfect for this fall because I’m studying abroad in Ireland and it’s going to be very rainy there.

🙁 … that is bad news! Maybe you could try in store if there is a Madewell near by, or persuade a friend to go pick one up for you. My husband and I are considering going to Ireland, and you are right.. this jacket would be perfect!

I love me some layers! I really like the second oufit with the vest like anorak, it feels more like an outfit to me. The color of the first is more fun but I think I might tire of wearing the jacket all day.

Loooove the anorak! I’m really liking that blue one. Gorgeous color!

I sooo needed these tips! I have an anorak but it can look a little too ‘mommyish’ or frumpy. Gah…Where I live (Pacific Northwest) it rains a LOT so I am wearing an anorak quite a bit. Nice to see some new ideas to make it look a LOT more hip than I am working it right now…

Wow! I love both of the anorak jacket! I think they are perfect for spring and summer and now i will be looking for one everywhere i go! 🙂 i also love the light pink pants…so cute!!

I bought a red, rain-type one at H&M for 20 euro. I love it so much!

Your red anorak sounds adorable! I know I want an anorak but I think the toughest part is going to be deciding what color!

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