Tog and Porter Review

I don’t usually do reviews of services on this blog, but I loved the concept behind this company, Tog and Porter, and thought it was such a brilliant alternative to the usual (and time consuming!) shopping experience we all deal with. It’s a virtual personal stylish and shopper, which is totally something that appeals to me. I’m just too busy and don’t have the patience to put all the time and energy into my style that I’d like, and I love having the opinion of a professional stylist when I’m putting together my wardrobe.

Would you like to hear about my experience?

1. I set up a time to chat over skype with a stylist, Maureen. Beforehand, I sat and thought a bit about what kinds of pieces I need/wanted for my wardrobe and what kind of look I was going for. The stylish was really great and asked me a lot of good questions about where I shop, what my eye is drawn to,  and what my day to day life looked like, what I already have too much of in my closet.  We also took measurements and discussed sizes. I described myself as having wardrobe full of pieces that were ‘sweet’ (bows, polka dots, vintage, florals), and that I really wanted more sophisticated, chic, menswear-inspired looks. I want to dress like a woman, not a girl. She totally got it.

2. Then about a week later, a box of hand picked curated clothes for me arrived! I was so excited to see what was inside but had to wait until our second skype call where we opened it up together and went through each of the items individually. She gave me tips for putting the pieces together in different outfits and this style board you see above. I tried on all the clothes and spent some time with her discussing various ways to style it with other items and pieces I already had in my wardrobe. I loved this part! I totally need to spend more time putting thought into outfits and trying out things I’m a little scared of (like leopard print cardigans!).

3. You keep what works, and send back (with a pre-paid label) what doesn’t work. You’re charged for what you keep. You can also exchange items for different sizes or colors at this point as well. There’s no ‘fee’ associated with the stylist, only a $100 refundable deposit toward the clothing.  See more details about it here.

A few notes about some favorites from the box:

1. Black slouchy pants with elastic at the ankle by Page Denim. These were my favorite! Super comfortable and really stylish to dress up with heels or down with flats. I love having a comfortable alternative to leggings or pjs for working at home.

2. Page Denim also makes skinny jeans that are lower rise in the front, but higher rise in the back to cover your rear sufficiently. Love that idea! My stylish heard me when I said I was tired of showing my crack to the world.

3. A green anorak jacket by Tulle. Military chic and goes well with anything, definitely not ‘sweet’!

4. The most gorgeous bird top by Daniel Rainn (I wore it last week here!)

5. Super soft white v-neck and brown tees by Splendid

(I paired these with my oxford wedge boots, $39.99 from Target, Revlon Hot Coral lipstick)

Does this sound like a service that appeals to you? Would you ever consider using a virtual personal stylist/shopper?

I was compensated for my review of Tog and Porter, although the opinions expressed are my own

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Liz! You look SO good. And I am coveting your Target wedges. I may have to buy those (& the colored jeans from Old Navy). You’re keeping me busy. 🙂 [p.s. I have that lipstick, too! So fun.]

I would totally use a service like this! I still miss the (free) personal shoppers from our old department store. I think a service like this is perfect for those of us who want to look put together, but can’t spend a lot of time shopping.

Could you please let us know where we can find the leopard cardigan? Thanks!

I can’t find that leopard cardigan source, would you mind sharing?

What a fantastic idea!! The pieces they sent you are fabulous! Definitely want to try this!

This is so smart, if you’re going to shop online this seems like the best way. Hooray!

What a fabulous idea! I completely hate shopping at the mall but find that I get overwhelmed shopping online (and end up wasting even more time). I think this is really smart.

Holy wow what a neat service! I need to find out if they work with Canada too!
I absolutely adore that bird top. And the Seychelles sandals! I believe it’s safe to say seychelles are the most comfortable heels in the world. Or maybe the western hemisphere..

Oh wow, this is such a great idea and a fantastic service! If I could afford it, I would definitely use it. I’m 24, petite and on the small size, and sometimes it’s hard for me to find something I really like, that’s age-appropriate, and my size. It’d also be nice to have a closet full of clothes I actually want to wear on a daily basis.
I’ll definitely keep this in my for something I may splurge on one day : )

I think this is pretty great. The styles are really you and I like the way they’re put together. I really love the sweet top and jacket combo especially. You make a great “real person” model too. Yes, I’d give it a go.

I LOVE this idea! I use the Portland store Tumbleweed in exactly the same way. Best part? Once you start working with someone they a) really know your style, shape, preferences and b) know what you already have because they’ve been sending you the clothes! It’s brilliant for a time-strapped person who wants to look great but doesn’t have the patience to go sifting through all those sites out there to find it.
I didn’t realize there was a whole service for this and will share them with my little corner of the world; thanks!

These pieces are lovely! I’d love to be able to have an “online stylist”, but I don’t think I could afford it, plus being plus sized I’m not sure if most services cater to my sizes. But, maybe when I’m not a student I could afford it!

This is so brilliant. I think I would love something like this as well. Going to check it out now!

After seeing what she chose for you (the pieces themselves AND that she listened to what you were looking for), I would use a virtual personal stylist/shopper!

I used one in the past (just once) and while I was fairly satisfied, I didn’t feel that she really understood what I was looking for – that’s a treat to find someone who does, someone who isn’t just doing a cookie cutter job on you.

I am still on the flat shoe bandwagon (thanks for the recommendations the other day!) so the flats caught my eye immediately. And the bag of course – always a sucker for a new bag!

Great feedback. I think the key is having the stylist understand who you are/what you’re looking for. I thought Maureen did a great job with that.

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