Painted Floors

I spotted these painted floors via Camille Styles and was immediately drawn to the impact of them. I’m also a big sucker for monochromatic color combinations, hello gorgeous! For wide floorboards I think painting them would be a really fun way to create an unexpected area of attraction for a room, but a floor color is a big commitment. Maybe too big! It’s a cheap alternative to a rug too (the rainbow stripes below, top left, cost about $100 in paint) and you still get that classic look of wood. What do you think? Would you dare?

Some more floor painting inspiration:


(images: one two three four five six seven eight nine)



In high school, I desperately wanted to paint the wood floor of my bedroom red. My parents did not let me. But it would have been fabulous!

I just stumbled on your blog and am in LOVE!!! I totally love the idea of painted floors and would dare to do them. Currently, I live in a studio with unfinished cement floors that I have been thinking about painting but I like the wood better. Some day 🙂

I wouldn’t be able to do it! Hardwoods are a piece of heritage and I’d feel like I was ruining them forever. 🙁 Gorgeous, though.

I LOVE IT. I saw that picture over the weekend (with the blue floor boards) and immediately started drooling. This would be such a fun project to do!

When I was a kid my bedroom was in the attic and the floors were spatter painted- red with spatters of yellow, green and white. I loved that floor and I loved that room. I went for the same effect using a dark green base in the kitchen of our first house. The floors were beat so there was nothing to lose. Later we put in a fancy imported swedish floor. It was beautiful but I still missed the old painted one:).

The house my best friend from high school lived in had painted hardwoods, and I thought it was fantastic. Her sister’s room had big a diamond (argyle?) pattern and it was so cute. I think I’d only do it if they were previously painted by someone else & I wanted to change it up.

I love the rainbow runner! I love painted wooden floors, but everyone always seems to think it’s a huge committment. I love love love it!

I love monochromatic colors too! Very pretty idea to paint floors, I just don’t know if I would be that brave

I’m not sure if I’d ever paint floors…then again I don’t own a home soo only the future will tell!

Tempting, very tempting…

I like the bottom left and the bathroom too (although more matte rather than high gloss). I think for me to commit to it, it would have to be in a space where I would want it to look worn. I like things to be what they are – i.e. if it’s painted wood, I still want to see that it’s wood underneath. Does that make sense?

I’m actually planning a floor painting project coming up soon. When we moved into our house the homeowners before us had painted the foyer hardwood, but over the years its started to chip away and needs some revitalization.

I theoretically could just stain the hardwood…but I like the look of the painted floor. A lot

I haven’t fully decided on a colour palette yet, but I want it very light and bright since our foyer tends to be a bit dark. I saw a floor that was painted a wonderful floral motif in bright colours and adored it. Corals, greys, blues and some light green would be really nice I think. Coral is really my big starting point, I’m having a bit of a love affair with it.

I love six? The kitchen with the white and natural wood stripes. It seems like the perfect combination of commitment for a first time floor painter. It looks perfect for a ‘farm house kitchen’ feel but with some modern design. I love this!

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