Pretty Top Knots for the Win


It should come as no surprise to you that I have an itty bitty obsession going on with top knot buns (in good company with turquoise, bows, gold spray paint, polka dots, and geeky glasses). I posted about the knotty bunch spotted at Alt Summit, and found an awesome sock bun trick I shared here, that I still use on a regular basis for my sad, baby fine hair. Then. THEN. I found this tumblr devoted entirely to top knots and my obsession has peaked. Messy, braided, smooth, teased, socked, natural, high, low, side, etc. They are all equally awesome in my eyes. Do you have a favorite top knot you wear? Any favorite top knot tutorials you’ve seen?

A few more favorite top knot looks after the jump…

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Oh wow I love the first one in the list. It looks so beautiful yet effortless! That’s exactly how hair should look, regardless how long it actually took to do

Omgosh! Can I just tell you that I’m in the process of growing out my hair with the express intent of wearing a top knot?! I am. 🙂 These are luscious. I’m particularly smitten with the huge, scarf-wrapped knot on the girl with the navy and white striped shirt. I’m thinking, sock bun? Must be!! Either that or it’s Helena Bonham-Carter! 😉 Thanks for the tip, Liz – and the inspiration to keep. growing. my hair. drrrh!

I love wearing my hair messy on top too. Maybe it’s looking better than I thought! Inspired to try another top knot look

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