Current Trend Crush: Mixing Patterns

How comfortable are you mixing patterns? It always makes me nervous and is one of those things that seems to look good on others but hard to pull off on myself. I’ve been told the key to mixing patterns is to have a base color, one color found in both of the patterns. Plus, mixing different types of patterns that won’t compete too much with each other, like stripes with florals, or plaid with polka dots works really well.

In an attempt to encourage myself to mix patterns more often I tried on a bunch of different outfits from my closet above sticking to those two rules as much as possible (even if my instinct was telling me it wouldn’t work). I’d love to hear your feedback though, do these outfits work for you above? Some more than others? Do you have a hard time mixing patterns or is it something that comes easily to you?

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i was afraid to pattern mix at first but i am def becoming more and more open to it! love this collage u made! florals and stripes are my fave!

Another rule that has been helpful for me to consider when mixing patterns is this: one pattern should be larger than the other, for instance wide stripes with a microprint floral. I have a big floral patterned cardigan that I wear with a narrow striped blouse.

I love this topic. It’s something that I think looks so good in pictures, but I can’t make myself do it when I get up in the morning. I come across these fashion hurdles in life and I have to conquer the fear of looking weird. I love all the looks you put together.

I love both middle looks. Love them. The gingham/dot option is a nice balance, but I would absolutely wear the middles. 🙂

I love stripes and florals. A rule I have (and it looks like you stuck to it possibly without even realizing it) is that the size of the print needs to be different; a small plaid pattern with a large floral print or a wider stripe with a small polka dot or even a skinny stripe with a wide stripe.

Of course all rules can be broken…this is a fun time for fashion, isn’t it? Anything goes.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! such great mixing. I’ve always loved putting outfits together with different colors/patterns. It keeps things interesting. Matching perfectly always makes me feel too serious. I have 3 sisters and they have always reprimanded me for not “matching” enough at times. I can’t wait to send them all along your post!

I’ll go with 2, 4 and 5. I love mixing patterns, whether it be decor or clothes. I only have recently drunk the koolaid – before I was a wee bit on the safe side. Now, I think if you go bold and do it with intent and confidence, anything works.

Would you mind sharing where you picked up that floral tee? I’ve been looking for something similar! I adore mixing patterns!

You mix patterns and prints in such a fun way. I am inspired to go through my wardrobe and re-look at things.
P.S. The blog look is spectacular!

I’ve totally been toying with this for a while too – you’ve inspired me to take the ‘mixed up’ plunge! x

So my fav’s are both middle pics and the bottom left. I don’t know about a formula and I couldn’t tell you why those ones exactly work but I think it just has something to do with balance and a little bit of luck? I don’t know….but they look great.

It’s so hard, right? last year I went for two weeks without wearing jeans. I think I need to try that again, it was a really great exercise to try out new outfits in my closet.

I’ve just started getting into the pattern mixing trend myself. It’s fun and easy once you get used to it. Being an artist, I guess it’s just easy for me to look at two patters and decide if they look good together.

My favorites from about are 2 & 3, but they’re all cute!

dots, stripes, plaids, florals – spring is the perfect time to celebrate they’re pairing.

a master of the mix? Marni.
I can’t wait for the upcoming mix of Marni and H&M.
the epitome of mismatched, mix-matched style.

i. can’t. wait!

best – d.

post script: don’t forget, be bold!

My favorite of your combos (though the all look great) is number 3! Now off to locate a large amount of floral skirts..

My favorite are the middle two, 2 & 5. I think the skirt from 1 and the top from 3 would look really cute together. Although that may just be my love for orange and grey showing. Any way you slice it, you have some really cute patterned pieces.

I think the combination of stripes and florals looks great (3, 5 & 6). I especially love 3 & 5; I think the belt helps to separate the two patterns while tying them together at the same time.

Thanks for the inspiration…now I’m off to dig through my closet for stripes and florals!

I think they look stunning, especially the last one with the stripe top.

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