Clever Valentines Day Gifts for Him

If attempting to manipulate normal food into the shape of a heart isn’t cutting it for your Valentine’s Day celebration, you might want to check out some ideas I have for quirky, fun gifts to give for your not-very-sentimental Valentine. Some, like the heart shaped donut maker, are those priceless ‘it’s for you but really i’ll benefit the most’ kind. Those really are the best kind of gifts!

Also, a piggyback on that one: 21 Gift Ideas for Her (or..YOU!)

Do you give gifts on Valentine’s Day? Any traditions you have?


Just bought the scratch off map for my jet-setting bf! I know he’s going to have a field day scratching off all the countries he’s traveled to – guys just love scratching things apparently 🙂 Thanks for sharing this guide!

I did a gift guide on my blog and someone mentioned that the rule should be “NO HEART SHAPED JEWELRY” which is pretty much my new life motto.

Our tradition is to go out for Thai food since there is never ANY wait at all (this year, since he’s working like a crazy person this month and also because we have a small child, it might need to be takeout). It’s been a fun thing to try a new Thai place every year.

I’m so embarrassed that this is my first time stopping by your lovely blog! What a fun list of gift ideas! My husband will be away for vday this year so I’m afraid we’ll be celebrating with little more than a Skype date after the kiddos are in bed…but I’ll file this away for next year! 🙂

My husband and I swap homemade valentines. My husband never makes crafty things, so it is a real treat each year.

My husband and I forgot Valentine’s Day last year. This has inspired me to do better this year.

Look at you making marriages better, one blog post at a time. Lovely!

So…last year my husband and I forgot Valentine’s day…this post just inspired me to do a little better this year.

Look at you, changing marriages one blog post at a time. Lovely!

I bought my Uncle the scratch map for Christmas, he travels extensively for work and he loved, it’s a great gift. Though my OH is getting a Holga for Valentine’s, let’s see what his reaction is!

Cute ideas
Johanna x

I’m not going to lie – I’d accept (and love) most of the gifts you’ve listed for the guys haha. I’d also love all but the macarons book on the girls list. I just don’t “get” macarons and the macaron obsession.

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