Remote Grand Canyon

One of my favorite parts of our trip last week to St George was visiting this remote part of the Grand Canyon. About an hour and a half from St George you head out into the desert toward a campground called Toroweep on mostly dirt, rocky paths and end up face to face with the cliffs of the Grand Canyon.

 No crowds, souvenir booths, maps, guided tours or even a parking lot. There’s one lone picnic table and (as you can see in these photos) no fences either! We held very tight to Henry’s hand the whole time and wouldn’t get too close to the edge. Quite nerve wracking to be there with a child but incredible!

 I imagine this must have been how the early explorers discovered this wonder of the world. How would it be to stumble upon something this magnificent in the middle of the desert?
PS The desert is Jared’s happy place (hence the big thumbs up)
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LOVE these photos. makes me wish we would take the quick 3 hour drive to the desert right now. it's definitely our happy place too…jared has great taste!

Oh, so beautiful! What an awesome family adventure!

I love the Grand Canyon and it always surprises me there is no railing or protection. It does makes it feel more untouched.

Scary! We've been to the north rim at a spot without fences and it just makes me so nervous I can barely stand it.Love your glass ornament scene!

Scary! We've been to the north rim at a spot without fences and it just makes me so nervous I can't stand it.

your pictures are AMAZING! you're so close to the edge that i could feel myself getting nervous – haha!

I love Henry's expression in the last photo – absolutely adorable!

This is awesome. I can imagine your son was probably thrilled to be up close and personal with the canyon too!You all look so happy it makes me smile.Have a happy Monday.

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