Henry’s Party

I keep on forgetting to share photos from Henry’s 4th birthday party a few weeks back. One of the highlights was the giant 4 pinata I made (thanks to Jordan’s tutorial). It wasn’t hard at all! Oh, and here is the animated gif invitation in case you missed it. A few more photos:

We had a bday hat decorating table and a little hop-bike-run triathlon race. It was a lot of work. Chuck E. Cheese is starting to look like a veeeeeery attractive venue for his 5th birthday…
PS Not pictured: Sleeping bums (hippies? I can’t tell anymore) parked 20 feet from the party tables that refused to move
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Thank you so much for the suggestions! I really appreciate your ideas. I will use them with my 5 nephews!

Love it ALL: the festive colors, the pinwheels, the birthday boy name tag. Henry looks happy! Good job, Mom.

Just a follow up to a previous comment feed. The West Elm wool "felt" stockings are now $5 but I made the mistake of ordering them and they are horrible!! The "white" looks pink from the bleeding of the red. I have seen the Sundance ones made by Bhcrafts.org and they are a thousand times better.

If you had it reserved then I am guess you had every right to be at the table and not them. They should have moved to another part of the park.

It looks like a very fun birthday party for little kids. Good job on that. Oh the bums and Hippies so miss San Fransisco.

Anon, of course they did. That's why we couldn't really do anything. Although we did have it reserved.

Well, if you were in a public park, the "bums/hippies" had every right to be there as well…

I'm glad you had a good time even though there were those sleeping bums/hippies 20 feet away….creepy!

Ah, the sleeping bums. They'll make a great story. Looks like a lot of fun! Everything turned out great.

Totally. Plus, what 4 yr old wouldn't love chuck e cheese??

Party looks gorgeous, but thanks for your honesty about Chuck E Cheese. I hate the place, but some of these parties I see online just look like TONS of work and expense. I'm sure Henry loved it though

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