Henry’s Invitation

I’m in the midst of party preparation for Henry’s 4th party this coming weekend. This animated gif above is the invitation we sent out a couple weeks ago. I had to carefully review my own how to make an animated gif post to remember how to do it. In hindsight, I should have used a tripod and I should have had way more bribery candy on hand but overall I’m happy with how it turned out. I made a giant ‘4’ pinata last night and I’m working out some other details today. Once this party is over with I’m soooo ready for trees, lights, candy canes and all things Christmas!

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That is pretty darn awesome! I am loving this invitation!!! I am now going to plan parties, just so that we can do this!!!

Wow….can't stop watching this! Of course, I want to be there!

this is absolutely adorable and so clever!! what a cutie you have 🙂

Those are adorable!!! I love it, we are planning the twins party too next week- so crazy this time of year:)

Those are adorable!!! I love it, we are planning the twins party too next week- so crazy this time of year:)

Jackie, I actually found it at a thrift store which is super lucky because I haven't seen it for sale anywhere else!

teresita, great idea esp for non-photoshop users, thanks!

Too cute!!! I've never used photoshop, because I don't have the time to learn how to. I make my gif animations with a super easy software I downloaded, it's called GIFfun, just drag your images in gif format, same size all, adjust time for each, and press "create". It's that easy. Hope someone likes the tip! Happy birthday Henry!

that's so cute! I've always wanted to have a gif on my blog…maybe if I had a big announcement or something to say!

That is THE cutest thing ever! I may have to steal the idea for wedding invites if I go down the electronic route! x

SUPER cute invitation!!! We have a birthday party this weekend too, then on with Xmas decorating! It's both exciting and exhausting!!!

Oh, I Love that! And I have been looking for a tutorial like this. The birthday boy is adorable.Best,Tina

Oh my goodness, SO adorable!!!www.wearingitall.blogspot.com

That's so cool! I might have to try to do that next year. It's my son's bday party this weekend too, and I am just itching to start on Christmas.

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