Europe Report: Normandy Countryside

Last but not least on my Europe report: We had a lovely visit with Jared’s sister, Gabby of Designmom, and her family in the Normandy countryside at their amazing farmhouse from the 18th century.

It really incredibly charming in person. Why do we tear down houses and build new ones again in America? I’m quite fond of the European mentality of preserving them.

The light in the afternoon was amazing. I couldn’t stop snapping

Also my nieces and nephew are tres adorable (Olive above has the most beautiful French accent too!)

 Every corner of the home had treasures. Gabby has a whole series (on the right sidebar) with detailed photos about each room if you want to see them.

I loved watching how they’ve all adjusted so well to life in France, and how well suited it is for them.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a tiger by the toe…

…turns out hide and seek is way more fun in the French countryside too. Funny how that works

No big deal. An apple tree producing deliciously crisp fruit in their front yard.

How much would you have died to play in this tree house when you were 6?!? It made me a little nostalgic for my childhood.

Picnics outside on the lawn! It was perfect weather while we were there. One of my favorite things was biking solo around their little town and soaking it all in. 

We spend a day touring the D-Day sites which were really incredible

Loved walking around the grounds of a couple amazing chateaus in their town (I felt like I was in Pride and Prejudice waiting for Mr. Darcy and my carriage). It was a super relaxing, beautiful way to end our Europe trip.

Traveling always makes me want to travel more! Ahh, so much more I’d love to see and now I’m dying to spend a year abroad somewhere amazing too. Seems so refreshing to have such a drastic change in lifestyle and routine. Have you entertained that idea too?

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Wow wow and more wow. I think that is my dream house. How I would love to live in an old house like that in a French or English countryside. Sigh.Everything about it is lovely. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

Unfortunately we tear down houses in America because no one takes the time or effort to create such thoughtful and charming homes. We would buy our homes pre-made from China if we could get them bigger and cheaper. Anyways, beautiful photos nevertheless!

Your pictures are gorgeous. Indeed, the light is very special. Also, you convey the atmosphere beautifully – it makes me want to go & explore northern France.

gosh, I LOVE normandy!! I can't get enough of it… when living in the city all week the weekends in the country side are truly wonderful.You really captured so great moments with all those kiddos!

It all seems so magical, I wish we had homes like this here. I have always dreamed of living somewhere differently. I am hoping that one day my Mr. and I can move somewhere in Europe and then let our children run around the country side until then I will try and bring that back here. Beautiful pictures as well.

dear Normandy ! don't know this part even if i live there, what a gorgeous house !

Oh Liz these are wonderful pictures!!! And I'd feel the same way about waiting for Mr. Darcy 😉

Wow! What gorgeous pictures! Living abroad really is an amazing adventure. My husband and I (with our 11-month-old daughter) are going on 7 months in São Paulo, Brazil for a startup venture. And, on a small-world-after-all note, we're living in the same complex as Eryka Glover (your dad was her bishop, maybe?) and Davis Smith (who is also my husband's cousin, and Janae Ricks' brother). Go figure! I'm blogging about the expat life at http://thingsdaily.comThanks for sharing your trip!

if only it were so simple to be an ex-pat and live abroad and be all cultured and fahbulous and such:( . . . i guess if you really want to make something happen, you do. but sometimes life is too complicated. i'd love to be a nomad, but i'd just end up being homeless! it is my daydream fantasy though!

Aw your niece is so sweet! She goes perfectly with the farm house landscape. Such lovely pics.- Sarah

Okay, now I am convinced that all the bloggers I really like are somehow related!

They have a beautiful life! Everything about those pictures makes me want to pack up the fam and move to france. My husband and i took a year out when our son was born and moved to stockholm. It was the best thing i have ever done. The city is wonderful, please have a look at some of our posts and consider a year in stockholm 🙂 x

That house is beautiful! They need to open a B&B so I can go and visit. "Mon cher, I'm going to have my tea out by the apple tree"

It looks amazing! Wish I'd had that little tree/playhouse when I was younger 🙂

These pictures are lovely. I actually studied abroad for a year in Lausanne, Switzerland (very close to where you were) and fell in love with the country. I would LOVE to move back there with my family and live there permanently. There are many other enchanting places in Europe, but Switzerland just felt like home.

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