8mm iPhone App

Have you ever used the 8mm iPhone app? I’m obsessed with it ever since I was introduced to it by my good friend Kendra. Here’s one we took at Stinson beach last month of Henry and Kendra’s adorable daughter, Stella:

Some really fun filters to play around with. Although, friends. Here’s a tip: take the video first with your normal camera and then you can import them into the app and try it out in all the different filters before deciding on one you like. If you take the video in the app you’ll have to commit to a filter before you take the video.
Warning: it’s super addicting!

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omg- once i started I couldn't stop. My family does not understand why I like to use the 60's filter so much!

So cute how they fall of their chairs! That is a cool app. Try the Viddy app too — it's kind of the same thing in that it applies filters, but it's free and the filters play different music (that you can turn off).

ah! how fun. i need this one asap. xoxo jillian:: celebrate cornflake dreams' first birthday with a month of giveaways!

Boom – just bought it…excited to start messing around with my videos!

I think you've twisted my arm. I've been debating on getting this app, but your video sold it. Does it come with the cute stunt kids as well?

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